People that do not respond when selling

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OfferUp and Users can work together on this one I think.

From the User end, maybe the buyer could be more direct.

If they're not responding after a while.

Perhaps even assume that the item is already being picked up as to not get your hopes up.

"I would like this item, is it still available or can I move on? Let me know when you get the chance."

"If you're selling to someone else and they flake let me know please."

I've received more messages this way instead of the old "???" I used to use.


On OfferUp's end —

I've mentioned a monthly flyer that will notify people of the proper terms to use when buying / selling.

Perhaps an "OfferUp Message Etiquette" section with all this information above your messages.

A mock-up of this one in particular:

(pictures less blurry on Desktop)

Preferably find a way that doesn't make a loud ding — as I believe people tend to think they are getting an offer and are disappointed.
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I'm new here and dealing with this right out of the starting gate. It's not too difficult really even for some lame-brained meathead to play act as if they have some semblance of professionalism loosely based on socially accepted customer service expectations and the golden rule. If someone contacts you at least feel obligated to have the courtesy to follow up with some sort of reply in acknowledgement. If sold then aren't there loose ends that need to be tidied up afterwards?🤔 The honeymoon period with this OfferUp just might be up before it even begins! Well let's all hope that the real reason they're not responding is because the last person they F'd over caught up with them and gave it to them good! 🤕
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Well you have to first understand that the message you are getting from them saying it's sold is a computer generated response sent out when that seller finally marks the item as sold. So that means they did sell it or they may have just meant to delete it but didn't know how to do it so they just marked it sold. I know I did this on a few of my first posts when I wanted to change them.

But I have to agree that I have sent out no less than 30 messages to sellers on this app and I have only had 2 reply back ever. 1 kinda ticked me off because it was a freebie that I saw posted just 6 minutes after it was listed and I was just 10 minutes from the location ready to go pick it up but the seller never bothered to rely until 3 hours later with the generated it's sold reply, that was the Second free item that happened to me.

I sent 10 messagea for phones this week not 1 reply, this leads up to my next suggestion. REMOVE THE ZERO SELLING PRICE OPTION! It's really a problem with phone sellers. I think I'm the only seller who isn't posting a zero or have some type of catch when you read their post, you find out that the price is not true. It always has some service an attached to it and when I ask for a price without it they never reply
Just about every phone I saw was at least 3 months old, no replies back, or had no price and no replies back, but well over half of all posts had multiple duplicates!

Between phones and car stereo services there seems to be a major problem with prohibited items being mass duplicated. iPhone screen repair and car stereo installation are out of control as well as phone cases, problem is none of them ever respond either, Boot them from the app for good, clean up the sales listing areas so buyers can get what they want from sellers who are a really trying to make sales here!
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Now you know to never leave your place, if they want it they will come get it. Lesson learned. I have so many flaked buyers who say they are on their way and never showed, 4 just today. I would never trust anyone to meet me any place but my home.
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That works for some @zinda. Not recommended for everyone. Having everyone show up at your home can carry other types of risk. For many, meeting somewhere public that offers visibility and safety is the best option. Most people can do that somewhere close to home. Never forsake safety for convenience.
Just a reminder that it is EXTREMELY rude to read a message when you’ve inquired about a seller’s item and not respond back if they ask you if you’re still interested in buying. Respond to them and quit being a durn **bleep**.
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I don’t agree with this, offerup is like a yard sale and sometimes it takes the right person to have interest in your old coffee pot or ugly Christmas sweater. I find when I post a popular, higher dollar item, I tend to get more hits on my older items. I believe it to be because they say ‘’hey let’s check out their other items’’scenario.. Removing older items would certainly hurts sales, and the opportunity to score that cool lava lamp!
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@TSales86 I do love a good lava lamp Smiley Wink

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At the top of this page it states this issue has been resolved and provides a link to the resolution. I am assuming there is no resolution for sellers not responding and that is my main complaint with offerup. Lock there accounts and make them contact the Admin.

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@Rmac1 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
Rmac1 thanks for sharing your idea, I totally agree this is one of the most frustrating issue for people. I’ve found what works for me is messaging them the old (?) one more time like I’ve said before in other threads. if they don’t respond back within one hour, I just move on to the next deal. I’m sure there’s lots of different ways other members deal with this issue trying different ways to communicate with people that don’t respond. sorry to say every person you’re dealing with is different, with different personalities and there’s probably not a perfect answer for communicating with people that don’t respond. till OfferUp comes up with a new feature to address this issue in the future. just do what works best for you till then.