People that do not respond when selling

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I know right. It's so annoying, especially when you write the message politely and carefully from the begining to the end. They don't even have enough common courtesy to just say "no", they keep you hanging. I saw a seller who was active the minute after I messaged her but remain silent. Sometimes I think that those people just leave some good items there as baits for buyers to look at the actual items that they want to sell.
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I like the way your mind works! 

I have had similar experiences to you. On the flip side I have been driving and tried to respond immediately whenever I see that some 'interested buyer' contacts me. I work in healthcare so I am not always readily available and my schedule is rigid & unpredictable. If I have a patient go down I could be at CPR or some other activity for hours. I want to be responsive and definitely try to do that but sometimes I am not available when Catdog99 decides to be interested in my item at 2am...

Thank you for the value you add to this community.

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@IsraSom and thank YOU for the value you add!! Your posts are great Smiley Very Happy

I can tell you what I don’t like, I can’t stand the “is it still available” button that in my opinion people use just for the heck of it. I get that message a lot and when I reply (usually with in minutes) with a yes then I get ghosted by them! What is wrong with these people?
I agree, as a seller & a buyer I may be looking at the thing that caught my eye, but then I look at what else they have for sale. I’ve seen sellers who have things that have had something for sale over a year and then all of a sudden it’s sold. It just takes the right person that wants to buy it.
I’m am a seller and a buyer. My frustration is with buyers mostly. I don’t like being rude but I’ve had more than a couple buyers ask to buy something or ask if it’s still available then when I respond with a when would you like to meet or yes it’s still available I get ghosted. I’m so tired of this. I have now put in my listings “NO FLAKES”. Not that that will stop them. But geez how hard is it to respond? It’s extremely frustrating. I wish there was a way to flag those people!
On another note, I have met many great buyers on here and they have been responsible, responsive & reliable. Not all buyers are ghosts! 😉
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I have had a couple of those too. We just have to get used to the fact that not everyone is reliable. I don't mind people who respond late because of course we all have our own priorities, just the people who don't respond bother me.
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Awesomeness! Thank you!

I agree 100%.  I no longer meet people.  Either they come to my little boutique or they don't. It is frustrating.