People that do not respond when selling

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The worst is when someone puts a listing up and you're early for it (you manage to get lucky and reply within only a few minutes of the listing going up) and days, some times weeks, go by without that person reading the message. 

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Seriously, why do people go through the trouble of listing items ? When I ask “ is this item still available?” I don’t get a response and if I do it’s days or weeks later . Annoying 😶
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@GirlieBoo Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

GirlieBoo like I’ve said in one other thread, It could be members were blocked for violating OfferUp guidelines. Once those members accounts are back in good standing. You could possibly receive responses from those members.
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Also, a sidenote to buyers: send a "real message", never send the auto messages, such as 'im interested' or 'is this available?'. Take a moment to just ask that question using your own words. I have been selling here long enough to know, that responding to those messages is a waste of time. Its either accidental or just asking it on several items. Most of my responses (within seconds) were never even viewed by the buyer.
I now completely ignore them. I am sure i am not the only one.
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What is as bad is when a post is over a year old and never been deleted people need to start deleting sold items
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I have had similar experiences,  I make an offer, of what they are asking. No reply  message had not even been looked at. This went on for months. They even posted new items. So I made offers on the new listings. No reply. If they are not selling, what are they doing posting items? Thanks Randall 

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My problem are sellers who have an item up, have the info filled out correctly, answer a question of the item being available, are given an offer and let the offer expire. I have been trying to purchase an item since November 28, 2018. 16 sellers have responded to messages stating the item is available. I make the offer of the amount they ask plus shipping. 24 hours later the offer expires. I ask why the offer was ignored or what was wrong with the offer, the seller states they didn't have time, couldn't figure out how to accept it, or just never reply afterwards.

One seller actually accepted my offer, I thought this app would finally work, then the seller never shipped the item. 5 days after accepting the offer the seller cancelled the sale because he "did not have time to get to the post office yet". Guess in California the post office doesn't do door to door stops but in old world Pennsylvania they pickup packages. I feel like I would have better luck buying a steak at a vegetarian restaurant.
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I have a new problem with a sale that’s posted and that I am interested in purchasing and leaving 5 messages on offer up now. Trying to **bleep** them with kindness but my kindness is running thin. I hope everyone doesn’t forget to update selling or buying items cause it can cause a quite big delay and aggravation. Please friendly reminder if participating then let’s give it 100%. If not then a there is craigslist. Thanks be considerate
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If the question is asked on an item posted 3 weeks ago "is it still available", followed by a question specific to the item such as does the smart watch have it's own cell connection or strictly bluetooth, is the phone OS locked or able to be accessed, CDMA or GSM network. The questions are answered in 2-3 hours and an offer is posted within 20 minutes of those answer only to be ignored until the offer expires. Is the offer made to the sellers full asking price worth ignoring? That's like a cashier ignoring someone with items on the counter and cash in hand. Who's the problem in the scenario?

I have seen items listed over 6 months to a year, I've seen items sell within a few hours of posting. What is wrong with "is this still available?" or should the question be reworded as "should I make an offer or are you wasting peoples time"?

If an item hasn't sold in 6 months, either the seller is asking too much, has abandoned the sale on Offerup, or there is another issue which the item should be removed. Every go to a store to purchase an item that is no longer available? Probably due to low sales, so the item was replaced with a better revenue generating item. Why should the same not apply here? The other reason: retiring the production due to it being replaced with an updated item, which most likely doesn't apply here.
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@Winnieg you would have to color me stupid on this one. I assumed the item would be available without question. Noteworthy I would have it shipped to me regardless of where they lived. I did however wonder why I had questions from people asking if an item was available. Naturally I mark sold when I print the label. 🤑