Phone number verify now required? Phone number not accepted.

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Update; So after a couple of months of staying away a family member said they need help finding a used car on a budget. So I figure I'll take a look here and see what's available. Now with OfferUp's new phone verification process here to weed out all the scammers, it should be smooth sailing. RIght? Wrong. They are afraid of a longtime user with an excellent record like myself because they no longer like the same phone number I had when I signed up, but in my search today, no less than 7 of the first 11 ads were from scammers. I guess they passed the phone verification process in one of the same ways recommended to me.  

I wonder why I even bother checking here anymore. 


All 5 of these scammers have about 20 ads each for the same vehicles all over the country. 

Two of them had two ads each in my local search area.  All of them prominently display an email address outside of the offerup environment to respond to directly, thus circumventing the OfferUp official communications system.  


Edit:  All the listings I had linked to I have removed from this post, since including them is  apparently outside of the guidelines.  About half of them are still live postings as of this edit.

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@C16 you cant post links that arent related to Offerup support or guidelines on the forums as it is stated in the guidelines.
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Well I tried to activate this stupid account and got as far as the phone number verification. I have had the same phone number for my iphone for 2 years. The number previously was a landline that I had "ported" over. It is Verizon, and both this stupid site and moronic Yahoo tell me that my phone number is a VoIP number.  It is not!!!!!!!!!


Does this stupid Application actually have customer service? 

How does one by pass this problem?

This whole on-line communtity sites like Offer Up is a bunch of bull**bleep** if you cannot manuver it and there are no live humans for customer service. 


I am not interested in investing so much time trying to figure it out. 



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@aidenholley, I have edited my post to remove the offending links. 

Half of them are still active postings.