Phone number verify now required? Phone number not accepted.

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I've been a member of OfferUp for about 2 1/2 years.  5 stars.  When I sell I post lots of pictures and try to give a complete description.  And I always respond to messages politely.


So, imagine my surprise when last week I posted an ad with no trouble only to be followed by my failed attempt at posting a second ad.  I was interrupted with a request to verify my phone number.  So I did.  The app froze.  So after a few tries I went into my account to manually verify my phone number.  The app didn't like it.  At that point I had wasted well over an hour for something I had allotted only a few minutes to complete so I left it for later.  I received a message for the item successfully posted, so as usual I attempted to reply.  Funny thing, my reply vanished even though it had appeared to be sent.  After several more attempts to reply with no luck, I gave up.  Thinking the problem might be a glitch, over the course of the last few days I have repeatedly attempted to solve the problem with no luck.  So wanting to keep my reputation intact I decided to remove all current postings until this can be straightened out.  Well, surprise, surprise.  Can't do that either.


Since I can't sell, I can't buy, I can't message anybody, and I can't alter my own listings, maybe I should just delete or abandon my account.  OfferUp seems to want to make life miserable for some reason. I have enough going on in my life to waste time on that.


My preference is to use my computer to manage my accout and listings, but OfferUp's preference is to use my phone. (Makes it easier to data mine I guess) So I do when I have to.  After many years of exposure to industrial chemicals my fingers don't work with the touch screens as well as most people.  That's why I don't post many for sale listings.  Between my detailed listings and the touch screen fight, for me it's never just a matter of minutes.

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Your frustration is totally understandable @C16
Initially, OfferUp was launched as a "mobile only" App. Hence, a phone number verification would be an important part of their membership process. If OU suspects an issue with your account, they usually will send a verification code to the number on file to confirm it is you. I actually like this security feature.

However, since you are experiencing your number not being verified completely! I would suggest reaching out to Customer Care via Twitter at OfferUp for a quicker response. Ciao´
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@REMEMBRANCE, Thanks for your response. As I mentioned, I have been a member of OfferUp for about 2 1/2 years. I jumped through all of their hoops and did what they asked to gain my account. An account that as far as I can tell is still in good standing. Changing the rules after so much time, then not liking the answer to their question is pretty absurd. While you may like the idea of OU contacting you through your phone number, they have always contacted me thought my email, or my OU account. Something I have no problem with. Of course the thought that I should sign up for, or join, Twitter, or Facebook, or any other social networking site to be able to contact customer care is even more absurd then OU changing the rules after all this time. OU is the closest thing to social networking I am involved with. I am by nature a private person. While I enjoy the meeting and interaction with other members of the community, I feel no obligation to transmit my personal details all over the internet for all to see, nor do I feel the need to help corporate America to collect my information so they can track me, make money off of me or exert control or influence over me. If that is the path that OU is choosing, then I am more than willing to walk away just as I did after so may years at ebay with 100% feedback when they forced paypal on us But I guess any talk of stopping selling on OU or deleting my account is moot at this point considering I can't do anything with my account at this time. I can't make any changes, I can't archive my ads, I can't respond to anybody inquiring about my items for sale. If the community blogs here didn't have to be set up separately, I wouldn't even have access to them. Except for these posts, I am effectively locked out of my account here on OU while I have been nothing but an outstanding community citizen as far as I can tell. All I can do is hope my reputation doesn't suffer while it appears I am ignoring everybody.
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Duly noted @C16
Try Customer Care here as well...
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So, I finally connected with OU support, who suggested that in order to regain functionality of my account that I need to change and verify my phone number with a number that can send and receive text messages.  Non-mobile and VoIP not allowed.  Whatever is allowed or not allowed doesn't matter since I can't make changes to my account.  And the phone number I have is the same one I have used since I joined, and the same one I use with the phone the OU app is installed on.


The phone verify system is a false sense of security.  Somebody with ill intent could conceivably buy a burner phone, have it verified and carry on with their scams or other nefarious intent while OU goes out of their way to punish those with stellar reputations who do not have the desire or resources to have more of their datapoints collected and mined.


I guess that after 2 1/2 years and a perfect 5 star rating I am no longer the type of member OU wants.  I am in complete compliance with the terms of service as spelled out here,   but OU decided to change the terms and keep them a secret.  I guess it doesn't matter.  I couldn't change the number even if I wanted to, which I don't.  I will not go into more debt to activate a new phone just so I can use an online classifieds site.  I guess I will ask that my account be deleted and stop referring other people to OU as well.  On the bright side, when I stopped using ebay over their change to paypal, I gained some free time.  I suspect the same thing will happen again. 

I will continue as a member in the OU community, for a while anyway.  Just in case.


So, farewell.  It was fun while it lasted.  Well until recent months anyway.

@C16 wrote:

So, I finally connected with OU support, who suggested that in order to regain functionality of my account that I need to change and verify my phone number with a number that can send and receive text messages.  Non-mobile and VoIP not allowed. 

Something is really fishy here...regular landline/"non-mobile" phones cannot send/receive texts. 

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@ factsdontcare, Just quoting what CS said. The complete paragraph below. "To work, it must be a mobile phone able to send and receive text (SMS) messages. Sorry, VoIP and other non-mobile phone numbers won’t work for this."


If you have a GSM compatible phone, at any given time you can buy prepaid/activated cards on eBay and elsewhere for $5-$10 with sufficient amt of credits left to handle the verification process. You can also buy used/working GSM compatible phones less than $10.

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Well I am new to OfferUp. I have previewed items for sale in my locale. And I would like to try selling my stuff locally. However this idiotic application will not verify my phone number. My phone number is a Verizon number I’ve had it for years and it’s telling me it’s not a valid number. I’m with you I’m not interested in data mining. And I’m not interested in linking it to Facebook. Furthermore I’m not interested either in creating a stupid Twitter account. If these online services are available for the user in the United States then they need to have a viable option to speak to somebody in customer service. Or shut down the stupid app. Not interested in wasting ridiculous amounts of time trying to figure out how to get my profile complete. This should be a lot more simple to use
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Yes, very frustrating... are you receiving an error code at all? Have you tried entering your phone number on the OU app, and are asked for a verification link to confirm, via your email?