Photo roation

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I have updated the app today and now when upload pictures, the app turns them sideways. I tried to fix it but it keeps happening.
OfferUp employee

@kcspeck This is something the team is aware of and looking into. Smiley Happy

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3 days later and an app update, app still rotates the pictures.
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@kcspeck Are you still having issues? If so, can you send me a Private Message with details of your account? Thanks so much. 

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How I rotate my pictures is a little bit of work but here goes

1 take your picture(s) with smart phone or camera

2 email the picture to yourself

3 open email and open attachment with paint (windows based machine)

4 rotate picture and resize then save the file as a .jpg file

5 email the file back to yourself and open with smart phone


The file will download into your phone and the offer up app you will select from selected file option.


I'm sure there's a ezier way but this way works for me


Hope this helps and good luck

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I have also been having the same issue since the update..very frustrating!!

I've been having this problem for weeks on Android.  Easiest way to solve it to take a screenshot of the photo you want to use and Offer Up will see it in it's correct orientation...

To the Offer Up staff...Have you acknowledged this and is there a fix on the way?