Photos of items are very low definition

Offerup needs post our item photos at higher definition. Potential buyers cant see details i make clear in my uploaded pic.
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@PaulCCC Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

PaulCCC There’s information below from the OfferUp help you can try that may help with this issue.😎🇬🇧🔚

Low image quality

If your original image was very large or was taken in a landscape (horizontal) orientation, it may have lost some quality when it was resized to fit your post. The following may help:

• Try lowering the resolution on your camera
• Resize your photos before uploading them
• Try taking your pictures in a portrait (vertical) orientation
@PaulCCC I would search the information @Hotrod gave you and there's also some great videos on YouTube to help with taking great photos. My photos are popping on Offerup it takes a little practice with taking HQ sharp photos. I've have to build my own photo box to use for photos on sites.
I also used photo editing programs to help with photos. My phone for some reason (even when I change settings) loves to take dark photos. It could be the case on my phone that might disrupt my photos, I'm not sure. I used Paint Shop Pro to help with that before I made my photo box.

What is the largest resolution my pics won't get resized???  What is the normal size of pics on Offerup site??  50Kb???   You suggest I lower the resolution on my camera, OK.  to what????  1 MP???

Thank you.


Can you point me to some photos on Offerup that actually show some detail?  I would like to see the results of a photo box before I build one.


I have taken and studies photos for decades.  I always use high resolution and will change to a lower resolution if it won't get resized and lose detail.  What resolution works here???


Thank you

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a phone camera is good enough bro.. i seen some good image from samsung phone my friend used 12mega or someting. Study and take photos for decades? Stop showing off, ur selling something thia is not an art gallery. If ur as gud as you say then i don see how this a prob , they can come to your house to look if they really care
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I can't find any info regarding exact sizes.

Take a picture with your phone and find out what's the max res is for it.

Any shadows or natural sunlight should ad more than enough detail.

Images are compressed regardless of size.

I think it's more trouble than it's worth to build a box though, just my opinion.

Zoom in to specific parts of the item in the last four images maybe.

I've done well on the app and images where decent enough when I had a crappy htc phone, no customer complaints.