Photos won't appear in OfferUp app

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When I go to the "Select photos" step, only a couple of photos appear. All the others are greyed out. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app, but this didn't help. I have about 15 photos I'd like to upload to my ad, but they're just not appearing. I've waited about 15 minutes.


Any suggestions? Thanks!



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Do they appear in your phones gallery? Is there any more possible information that you can give us? Like any error codes that might have popped up?
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Yes, when I open up the photos in my phone's gallery, they appear right away. No error codes have appeared on the app. After a couple of photos appear, it just stalls. 

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I would try restarting your phone to see if it clears up. If that doesnt help, I would email customer support.
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Try uploading 2 at a time
Upload, list then go back and edit to add a few more. My limit is 5 on Android, do iphone users now have up to 15?
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Welcome - @actfray just to add maybe the information below could possibly help with your issue. @RevivalGypsy I’m getting up to 12 photos on my iPhone.  

Problems with photos

If you’re having trouble uploading photos to OfferUp, the following tips may help.

Enabling photo access

To allow the app to access your photos:
1 Open Settings
2 Tap Privacy, then Photos
3 Tap OfferUp and toggle the setting to Read and Write

1 Open Settings
2 Tap Apps and notifications
3 Tap App permissions, then Camera
4 Toggle OfferUp to On

Low image quality

If your original image was very large or was taken in a landscape (horizontal) orientation, it may have lost some quality when it was resized to fit your post. The following may help:

• Try lowering the resolution on your camera
• Resize your photos before uploading them
• Try taking your pictures in a portrait (vertical) orientation

If you still having issues like aidenholley said please reach out to our Customer Care teams from the link aidenholley provided above. Or you can also contact our Customer Care teams through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.