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is there really not going to be a usable O UP selling platform for PC users?  I can search and send messages using a PC but not post items to sell. 

not everyone has a smart phone.  i am old and HATE working on my phone.  will there be no effort to make the web version equal to the app?


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OfferUp employee

It's definitely something we've thought about for awhile. I know we want to keep it incredibly simple with the app, but this suggestion is something the team is well aware of. Maybe someday! 

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It will take some effort on their end, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I'm really trying to think of any downsides / issues for this... Hmm.

They'd need more mods to handle a project like this for sure.

→This is just an assumption, but I'm guessing the main reason OfferUp stays on mobile is because it's honestly a lot simpler to do things.

It's like regressing to Craiglist, you have to be home to copy images and wait for replies — if there are any plan changes on the seller end you'd need to go and check.

I've read on another forum that even with a VPN someone was banned by OfferUp a second time, I don't know if they'd be able to do this via PC

I'd like to hear what they have to say on the subject as well.

I probably wouldn't use it, but still it may help some people if there's enough demand.


You can always download BlueStacks for the PC and install it that way.

Haven't tried it myself, but it should work.



I vaguely remember you saying something about managing offers via PC? Did I imagine that? If not, is it limited?
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i'd atleast like to be able to edit from the PC.  the touch screen can be finicky - i hate it.  scrolling sucks - i hate it.  the scrolling glitch is still not fixed wherein after i edit a post i return to my main list at the same place i was working.  after i edit i return to the top of my main list and have to scroll down - if i have a ton of listings this is awful.  


adiitionally i definitely prefer to search using a PC because the title and price are immediately visible.  the app does not do that also,


the PC platform allows me to see the oher items a person is offering immediately when i open a window to one of their items.  the app does not do that

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@Cherokitty @goblin  


You can install Android on a PC via VMware or VirtualBox and it will run smoothly. If you don't have more than 8GB of memory installed on your PC and more than 4 cpu cores, you can use BlueStacks to use Android from a PC as well.


I don't think OfferUP will take the risk of  engaging in a fully operational PC version. CL has dominated and even KO'ed eBay on the "local/face to face" platform. For those that are not aware, many years ago eBay tried to kill CL with their own FREE/local community selling platform, in addition to buying, but basically CL won the war.


The only advantage of a PC version is that there would be less gitches for those with 100's of offers/postings or more. The iOS and Android versions of the app has MORE memory leaks (as of this reply) than other selling platforms.


There are plenty of people using private vpn's from Nigeria and other African countries using OfferUP via their PHONES to buy cell phones and laptops. A buddy of mine is a PC reseller and has sold over 300 laptops on OfferUP to Nigerians (legitimate buyers) that use a "middle man" in the Los Angeles area. Once the Nigerian buyer wires the middle-man the funds, he actually shows up, inspects the laptops with the buyer via Skype, pays cash, and the deal gets done.


Yes, you can manage (delete, unlist, archive, read/reply to messages) your OF account from your PC (just can't post, edit, and upload photos from PC).

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Thanks for the input @Lapua good info, interesting read.
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thank you i'll check this out.


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I am wondering the same thought. What is the possibility of having straight PC useage in the near future?

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If you search the forums, I have pratically written a book on why there will be no PC based platform, since CL has annihilated every competitor without breaking a sweat (CL never has and never will sell ads) on the PC platform...even eBay.


The key to CL is the most advanced boolean search options for any selling app (even better than eBay), and is a REAL community, since the ads themselves are end-user moderated.

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