Please, Please, I need help Asap!!!!

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I'm thrilled to start shipping just this past week. I've already shipped 5 small items for $5 shipping cost and so far great! Now I decided to ship a typewriter at $12 cost and I'm at the post office right now. At home it weighed in at 17.4 lbs and label is good up to 18 lbs, however it now weighs in at 19 lbs after box and packaging material. Although I did'nt think it would go up that high with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and Newspaper. I guess I cut it short and post office can't add due to bulk rate discount you guys offer. What next? Do I send it anyway and you guys bill me the difference? Or does it come back? And if you do bill me am I paying the differnce of $30 (or 1lb?) Please help I'm not sure what to do and I want to send out now..

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@Mati_    Goto this link and scroll down to "As a seller".

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This is a great question. Currently, we aren't able to edit the weight after the fact. However, what you can do is cancel the original transaction, repost it with the new weight and have the buyer repurchase. That way you'd get a new shipping label with the right weight. If you ship it as is, the buyer would likely have to pay the shipping difference to receive the item.

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Wow, thank you for helping Mj_206, and quick response too! I notified the customer already, as I don't want him to pay the additional cost (I want my customers to be happy). So how do I cancel the order now? Does it just go away? I threw in a 20% off discount card on the next purchase too 😁

@Mati_    Goto this link and scroll down to "As a seller".

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Thank you factsdontcare, I appreciate all the help..