Please help... I got ripped off :(

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I just went through the 2nd rip off today. The first purchase, I reported them. The washer and dryer both were broke. Out if money and my items.
2nd item, Howard miller clock that was listed excellent condition, works great. Does not work.
Seller agreed to give money back. I met him at an address other than his home. I waited over an hour, seller kept saying,
I'll be out in a moment, sorry. I went to the door, yes, he was never there.
I have called, and called, text. Called, text. OfferUp and reporting isn't getting my money back or the items fixed. 1st time, I was emailed by offerup, saying to call local authorities. For a scam? Theft? Not really sure.
I'm pretty sure I am close to done with this site. I know they can't control every situation but my purchases are 3 of 8...the odds are not looking good. That this will happen my next purchase? Or the next?
What do I do? What can I do?
I cannot resell these items. I am out a few hundred dollars now. I cannot afford any more scam deals. Help.
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I always read there profile befor I text anyone. They do have honest people on offer up but you just need to be cautious of everyone
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If it was a cash transaction, I'm not sure how exactly OfferUp would get your money back.

It is on you to test every item before committing.

Test a washing machine you say?

Yes. While it may seem unortodox, it's best to test everything whenever possible.

If they don't let you, any decision you make thereafter is yours alone — you are not forced to buy items.

You can file a police report if you so choose.

If this potential scammer is meeting from home, it could help log his activity for police to look over and make an arrest in the future.

OfferUp is not responsible for the way people conduct business.

How did craiglist users deal with this type of situation if they had enough info on a person. Small claims court, most likely.

My advise is you should buy larger items (such as appliances) that require an investment at a retail store instead ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯


Just remember, the majority of users are honest people.

Learn from this experience and find ways to avoid it down the line.
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-Ciao' @Julia01-

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Your situation is very disgruntling... 2x in one day... 😕

@goblin has some very sound advice...

Hence... OfferUps' TOS:

*Payments are made directly between the buyer and the seller when they meet in person to
complete their transactions, pursuant to the terms they "both" agree upon.

Buyer Beware!
Please examine "All" purchases prior to handing over the $ in "Any circumstance...

✔ "Life Lesson(s)" 👍

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Welcome to the Community Forums @JuliaO1. Buying in this fashion, second hand items through private cash deals, requires a higher level of scrutiny and due diligence. If you feel you've been burned a few times now, you may want to look at your responsibility from the buyers standpoint. Your not forced to make a purchase. And you should always, inspect items to your level of satisfaction before handing over cash and leaving a transaction.
Sorry you've had to go through this. You will have this issue wherever you conduct transaction unless you take control.
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How can I speak to one of offer up representatives to report a scam seller?
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Redmonf.
There is no phone support for that. Report the user through the flag in upper right hand corner of their profile.
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OfferUp don’t take it serious about scammer. I contacted the support team to report scam and I got no reply or helpSmiley Sad
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Unfortunately the best you can do is minimize your vulnerability to people like this. Always pay for a VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT before even going and looking (i use auto check) also investing in a simple OBD-II reader they range from $30-$50 but they can tell you if the computer was reset and finally watch a YouTube video on how to check used cars it’s super simple to check things. Don’t be confrontational and walk away if your gut tells you to. That’s really the best you can do.

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My father told me never to take your items to the buyer, always make them come to you. Do you want to spend your time and money travelling to 15 different buyers for one item? You will end up spending more than you are selling.

And for buying he said always test the item. If seller won't let you test it, walk away.