Please help... I got ripped off :(

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The team that handles this is not going to contact you unless your submitting further information like a police report.

OfferUp takes scammer and violations of TOS seriously. If you check the Support information it tells you, once you get a confirmation email regarding your report, no further contact is going to be made. No one is going to call or email you results of what they did.

This is a Community Forum and we are end users, like yourself. If you want further assistance or validation of the complaint being received, maybe our Community Manger @MJ_206 can help.

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It was not cash. I have his name, address, address of all the goods that appear to have been stored. He also has 2 other storage locations. Police have been investigating, but who am I to take matters into my own hands?
2nd, it was an expensive clock. The hands are not to touch, if so, will ruin. I could not wait the 40 min to see if it was going to chime. That's ok, it's out of my hands now, pun intended.
As far as appliances go... best rip off story to be told! A 10 yr warranty fix, cost me 0! The machine was 7 mnths old, 9 more yrs of warranty!!
I guess it worked out after all.
That person that sold the washer and dryer has since removed his profile and items on offerup.
The clock guy, he can run but he can't hide.
Answering your question with next time buy new at a store, always have but you are right, people aren't like they used to be. No morals, no integrity, no values.
I'm not asking for sympathy, I was asking "what do or can I do"? And all I heard from you was everything else but. Thank you for the future advice.
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Report it to the police, show them their items for sale, if you have their phone number, address anything that helps the police...immediately.
Unfortunately, the police are seeing more and more thefts and scammers, like ours. It's unfortunate.
I'm sorry you had to go through it.
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I contacted police the 2nd time. The first time, easily, warranty fix, I got lucky on that scam.
2nd time, younger will be surprised at all the information you find out about someone through their name, phone number, if you meet them, get their plate number! I got address, name, plate, etc. It was real easy for the police.
Get all the info you can, give the details of the scam and they will help.
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I agree.
Untill you have the cash in your hands and they have the selling item in thier possesion, I would not mark any item as sold.
You never know what could stop a sale from taking place.
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Always treat every transaction as is final sale ( by that I mean, throughly inspect the item before you hand seller the cash) were rails included in the sale? If yes, than why did you not raise this issue before handing them the cash? Always remember every transaction is a two way street - you think you are not getting what you are paying off. Back off - you are not obligated to make a purchase. But once you have left the scene after transaction - you might never see seller again.

You need to be a step ahead of other party.
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You must inspect evry item and everything they offer, usually once u leave after satisfied u can't do much about it unless the specifics item was listed as the part of the selling item that way u can use offerup protection to get your money back
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When it comes to cars buying stuff like that only use PayPal. Or meet in person or use third party that u give % and they make sure u get money and the person the product than u get ur money