Please help... I got ripped off :(

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Thank you so much! I will talk to my husband and see what we need to do.. I will let you know! Is there a way to private message you just in case? I am new on the forums and it is hard to get used to the format.
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Hey @Mj_206 I have been trying to send the issue over to customer care but the form doesn’t actually have the option to submit it. I selected “issue with another user” and it asks for my name and email but there’s no “next” button or anything. Is there another way to get in contact with staff? Thank you!!
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@Nmsquared - try choosing the "report a crime" option on that form and let me know if you're able to reach out that way. 

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Re: Please help... I got ripped off Smiley Sad
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Welcome to the community, @Edgar12 - have you reached out to our Customer Care team?

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There are a lot of scams on here I see. I have inquired about at least three cars on here and each and every one have been a scam. All three of them have had a child, wife and a husband that has died. And they are so heart broken that they need to get rid of it. They have even sent me a bogus eBay invoice thinking I will send my money, then one sent me a bogus amazon invoice. I trust OfferUp but now I’m over it.
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Scams are world wide
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Wecome to the Community Forums @Saidah. So, you've responded to verhicle ads that turned out to be scammers correct? We have many, many conversations that are readily accessible regarding these scammers as well as buying tips for those interested. Now, here's my question......did you flag and report these people to OfferUp? Because that is easier to do than finding this thread. And if you didn't you can't blame OfferUp. We're a growing community here trying to look out for each other. If everyone participates and shares this idea, the scammers space gets much smaller.


Are you able to recognize what attracted you to these particular ads?

Did you review their profiles? Do they have super low prices or many of the same ad?

How did these people "send" you this information...did you give them your email?


Listen, as @Marcinie stated scammers are everywhere so there is no one entity to blame. Someone tried to scam me on the street in Paris! Does that mean, I blame Paris? No, of course not. Take some time to search out the good information here before you look for a used vehicle anywhere!


Again, report this to OfferUp because it's all taken seriously.



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Dang wrote a whole reply didn't post now I can't get the 20 min of my life back nor send a helping reply to this post. 😤
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Forestairehomes.

Go to your profile page and see if it should be auto saved in you drafts.


Remember to place an @ in front of members names like I did yours, in case you want to address someone specifically. Take time to check out the many topics being discussed and share your ideas, opinions and experiences.