Please help... I got ripped off :(

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I tried to go back and find the ad I inquired about. And to be clear, I do not blame OfferUp for what others do. There are many scammers out here and will try to do whatever they can to scam people. I am just one who will not make any transactions if it doesn’t look or appear right. The point I was making was that I’m over it, meaning they’re on here as well. When I have sold items as well as purchased items on here. Anyway if I come across them or anyone again I will report their names.
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Ok, I understand @Saidah. Thanks for taking time to clarify. So, if you had communication with them, you can go back and look at your messages, check the profile and flag it, in the upper right hand corner. This way OfferUp can do what they can to ensure, they aren't just left here looking for someone else to scam. Good luck with the car search.

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Ok I just had another one reply to the ad. Now I see why I can’t see the conversations. When I hit the button is this vehicle still available they look for my email and email me. But she had said that if you reply through OfferUp she can’t view the message so she want you to email her. Her email is different from her name. The email she provided. She is the third person that has emailed me stating that either their child, husband or wife has died.

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Hi again ,
No , this is not a scam and I`m not a thief nor a criminal. What I am right now is disappointed and offended after reading what you said because in my entire life I have never cheated or stolen from anyone a dime and I will never do such things for the rest of my days. I prefer to work hard and earn my money rather than steal and ruin my future.As I have told you in my previous email my husband died recently. I had to move out and now I am living with my parents in Lawrence, KS . At the moment they are the only ones I can rely on. The vehicle is at the shipping company, in Lawrence KS, sealed and ready for the shipping.
The deal includes free delivery and it will arrive at your address in 2-4 days.
Once you will get the vehicle you will have 5 days to try it out prior to making any purchase.
In the case that you feel that the vehicle is not suitable, you can just return it, all fees being on my expense.
When receiving it you will have as well all the documents, including title, bill of sale , 2 sets of keys, full service records and more. The title and the bill of sale will be notarized and signed by me.
If you are interested in knowing more info about how it works, I can ask Amazon to send you an email with more information on how to purchase it.
Please reply with your whole name, a delivery address including (street, city,state, zip code) and ph# and they will contact you right away. As soon as I hear that from you I will initiate the transaction through them.
Have a great day,

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Yeah, @Saidah, you'll definitely want to report these accounts. I typically report anyone that starts off asking me for my email. 

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Yeah, @Saidah stinks to high heaven!


Too many red flags and just not the type of transaction you want to be involved in.

Community Managers @Mj_206 and @Elin can help with direction if needed.


Here's my first piece of advice DO NOT EMAIL ANYONE!

If they're trying to get you to email them, they are trying to circumvent the app. PERIOD!! This way they can go after your personal information and keep OfferUp in the dark. Also there are reputable services like Carvana and Carmax to purchase vehicles this way. This is not, I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOT, how car sales are normally handled between 2 private parties. The exception to that would be someone who is in the military where their personal vehicles are often transported. If you can't meet a private seller locally or drive to them with a reasonable distance, do not engage them. Report the profile asap and alert OfferUp so it can be dealt with. Also block any future emails from them too.


(Sorry for the all caps but this burns me up)

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Thank you so much for the heads up
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Give them a bad rating.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @RhondaMM. Please check out some of the many other topics currently being discussed. Share your options, ideas and experiences. Throw around some kudos and stay engaged.
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Sorry to hear that! The best thing to do next time is not give no one your money until every items is workable and accounted for before purchasing. No rails to bed,no money.