Possible scammer

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Hello, I would like to know if anyone else has had any issues. The reason I ask is because about three weeks ago I sold roughly 10 or 15 items to her and immediately after the sale of each she's asked me to cancel, which I didn't because I figured it was fake I let them cancel on their own. Then I close my account reopened it just last night. She bought an item today and asked me to cancel please. I don't see an option for pictures so I'm not sure if anyone can search for or if anyone's dealt with anything like this. Or if there's an option to block from buying from me. Thanks

Community Manager

Hey there, @SilasAndrew, welcome to the community. I went ahead and removed the personal information that was posted here on these forums. You'll want to report this other user and block them. This will block this user from communicating with you.

Community Helper
@SilasAndrew Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

SilasAndrew just to add to what Mj_206 said here’s the step by step instructions below,

To report a user from their profile:

1 Tap their picture to open their website profile
2 Tap the Report button at the top of the screen

To report a user from a message:

1 Open your Inbox and go to the Messages tab
2 Open a message from the person you want to report
3 On Android, tap the Report button at the top of the message
4 On iOS, tap the three-dot overflow icon at the top of the message, then tap Report

Blocking a user
To block a user, tap the report button and submit your report. You will then have the option to block the user.