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This is rediculas Offerup sent me the mixed label for USPS or UPS for shipping. I chose the 1-3 pound weight for my item BUT the UPS part of the label is only good for 2 pounds NOT up to 3 pounds! I don't know why Offerup even added UPS as a option when they can't properly offer the service correctly. Just a heads up if you choose the 1-3 pounds UPS will not take your package if it's over 2 pounds

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Drop it in a ups box and let them bill offerup. If enough ups bills come in. they will correct their mistake.

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I’m having the same problem and am trying to get ahold of Offer up with no luck. What did you end up doing??? I don’t want to cancel but my item is over 2 lbs.
The USPS part of the label is good at the post office BUT the UPS part is no good if the item is over 2 pounds. I was at the UPS office when they told me I couldn't ship with them because my package was over 2 pounds. I went to the post office and that part of the label with them was ok to ship so they took my package.
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I just shipped an 8.5 lb item with the new UPS label. The label was for 10 lbs, they weighed it and took the box. I never changed anything on my listing, I guess they automatically use UPS now? I hope there's no problems as this was large box with snow shoes in it. Basically the size of a TV box. With EBay you describe size, dimensions, weight and so on. I guess I will find out, hope the buyer doesn't pay more.
The label I printered for 1-3 pounds was a mix label to use at the post office or UPS but they didn't take my package at the UPS store. You can see two bar codes on the label for ups or usps
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Drop it in a ups box and let them bill offerup. If enough ups bills come in. they will correct their mistake.

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I did one mainly out of frustration. I got so many messages that day and explaining that I am not shipping items over 8oz with ups any longer on ou was wearing me thin. 3 buyers purchased to ship on another platform, but one lady didnt seem to understand and sent an offer anyway. Kind of ticked me off, but since it was 2lbs and small box, I sent it to work with my husband to drop in ups box. OU buyers don't seem to understand a lot of things and having them purchase elsewhere is almost not worth a sale. I started achieving like crazy and listing local. (Not one has shown up)
So far my package sent has gone okay, scanned a few hours later, we shall see. Its a small sale of roughly $20 so I dont really care what happens to be honest. I do like that it is still exposure to potential buyers, but not putting any further effort in to answering questions and explaining. I simply state, "shipping for this is no longer available on offerup. I do ship usps or fedex elsewhere. Local pickup is -Xxxxx- area." Most were not going to buy anyway as my prices are firm and they could just ,"buy it now". I no longer feel like I am losing a sale, although offerup is losing a sale. Fine by me.
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Can qnyone see something that was special in receiving UPS.
They don't come to your door daily to pick up packages.

They charge anywhere between 11 and $15 for pickup per package.

They're not located all over like the post office.

I don't know if they have a faster tracking system or not but what does that matter it's tracking it works on both.

Both of them are difficult to get ahold of customer service on.

You can bribe a post office man to come back because he's always in the area all day and he's willing to take a minute and talk and be friendly with you you . Wrap him up a small fifth of Jack or Bailey's something, and he's he's your buddy for life and you got customer service through him. Way Beyond what UPS will give you

Finally if you really have a question your mailman he's going to be there every day to deliver your mail and if you need to catch him for delivery all you have to do is go to the website put a quick pick up note request in and they're there that next day for it if it's 1 /2/or 10 packages as long as their prepaid they will pick them up and they will not charge you.

And for the people that don't have a car or they're selling because they can't get out of their homes or their elderly and trying to make a few bucks because Social Security doesn't pay anything how do they deliver their packages to UPS ?
Now that will cost them bus or auto (gas) to continue selling on this website and the worst thing is it's a crapshoot they don't know before the sale is concluded if they are going to have a free pick up or if they have to pay to go deliver it to the UPS what thinking went into that?

What do they do tell the customer or wait let's cancel that order because I just got charged ten bucks to have your package pick up?

Why again did we sign for UPS service.

A lot of ideas that have come up are their any polls being taken with the sellers and buyers on this site and what they think ?maybe a few ideas they can also look at or look into?
Here's a healthy idea maybe the top 250 sales persons on this site have some sort of option to join a board of members representing the rest of us in giving votes and encouraging ideas to offer up staff and they have that "user seat" not board member "user seat" for a certain time. Like 30 days. And then take the lower 250 active users ( buyers and sellers ) that have active accounts but very low sales they also are included in this group.
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They take mine all the time and the weight is over 2 pounds using the 1 to 3 pound option. No concerns voices, no problems experienced.

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@TriVerse are you taking to ups directly or Usps dropoff?