Post Office UPS Shipping Label

@TriVerse It's printed right on the UPS part of the label 2 pounds. Is ok for the USPS there's no problem there.
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The larger weight is only UPS. The first 2lb package I did went smoothly, so I accepted one other for 10lb label thinking usps would be okay. It is straight ups. Ugggh
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I think that offerup dont care about any **bleep** thing you all have to say.
Understand? What good is this forum? Well it gives a bunch of whinners an outlet to whatever. Express themselves. And not send request to their uninformed and never sold a thing staff. Whoever heard of this ? at the end of the sales process we spin the wheel and whatever the little arrow lands on we're going to use them for the shipping . I think you all need to smarten up and use some other method to getting through to these idiots I've tried but I think it takes more than one I think there should be some sort of a complete stance as far as the stupidity of not knowing who's going to be the carrier of the package never heard of business do this this so if you want to voice this forum isn't doing nothing.

These are the points that need to be addressed so far that I see

1 UPS does not pick up are not located as the post office is in communities.

2 most to sell online are either disabled elderly trying to make an income or for some reason cannot always have a regular job these individuals have to consider the cost of maybe getting out and going to UPS so there's a cost do they have transportation to do that when the post office came to everybody's door everyday and would take every package that we had a prepaid postage on it

3 where is any benefit using UPS is there any benefit to anybody to use UPS?

If it cost $15 for UPS to pick up a package and I do not know who's shipping until the very end after the sale is made OfferUp should pay for that out of their own pocket there should be no cost to us I

I believe that every UPS label that comes out of your machines printers should be put on there and sent to the post office have OfferUp go under because there's a war between the buyers and sellers for product not being sent correctly maybe they'll get a hint then
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I see that it is printed on the label but have to have a problem from either UPS or USPS over it when shipping over 2 but under 3 pound packages.
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From what I understand we cannot drop off UPS Surepost at the post office.

I take mine to either an official UPS store or an Access Point. Both scan it immediately. I can not use the drop boxes as there are none around me. The UPS app says there are but those are all FedEx drop boxes.
@latham480 the point is to let other people know. I'm aware OU doesn't care or follow the forum.
@RevivalGypsy thanks for the heads up on that..UPS totally sucks and takes forever. It would be nice if Offerup got their stuff together and gave the option like Mercari does.
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Yes, offerup developers don’t give a shiiit what’s going on. All of them are on Caribbean cruises every day with the money people spend to bump there items, and the car flippers spending 5$ to post there POS vehicles they bought at an auction for 209$. They Do a bug fix every now and then on a laptop using WiFi in The Bahamas .

Soon they will be charging $1.00 to list any item, and take 20% for every item sold. Sad thing is people will be ok with it
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I agree, an option to pick which shipper we use would be great.
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Took 5 days for UPS to ship an item for me 3 hours away