Post Office UPS Shipping Label

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I have seen that happen many times. I have had items sold on OfferUp using UPS going to the same area as packages sold on eBay using USPS. The USPS packages were delivered, I was rated, and was talking with the customer about more purchases in the near future while the UPS package had barely left the drop off location. Both packages dropped the same day.

Rather stupid.

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I guess then I don't understand that would be only a topic that should be discussed my deliveries have gone from 2 days to a week and a half my end my season's coming up and I'm dropping them like bad garbage why discuss how buyers are how sellers are what's low balling when the company doesn't care what you think and they change on there own decisions and not the Outlook of what a sales company would do. I don't care if I burn my customers now I'm moving on because OfferUp doesn't care
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So I to change shipping on an item for a customer to $7, and after accepting the label, notice Offer Up now uses USPS and UPS correct? Odd, but okay. Just want to know how good has it been, at least scanning so I can get it scanned and my money, no cancellations.
@James714 some of the shipping options print a label for both USPS and/or UPS I think someone said the higher shipping options are only UPS. I will not use UPS again because it takes them longer to deliver and that makes your pay out time a lot longer.
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@BrightMoonstone so pretty offer up is messing with the whole shipping process again?! so after $3 shipping, your pretty much screwed and have to use UPS and take about 1-2weeks just to get paid?
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@James714 quick correction, if you ship a few, you get paid faster with each successful transaction. It actually doesn't take longer to get paid, it does take longer for your item to reach your buyer.
The last ups transaction took 11 days for delivery, but I was paid in about 3. I didn't even realize a week later my item was still in transit.

I care that my buyers are happy so for me, it us much too long to deliver. Not so much about payment
It honestly depends on what's going with Offerup. Sometimes I get paid in 3 days and sometimes it doesn't happen till after the item has been delivered. I've had over 600 sales I don't remember how many have been shipped. I've never had a bad review and it still goes back and forth with payments dates. I've had to email OU a few times to ask what's going on with payments because it will be early and sometimes late.
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Im sorry for the problem your fecundity ups tickets .... I had no I tea we changed either but let me say... The only 2 pounds us not accurate for my area any ways I just mailed a an secondarily over
On your lower rate packages you can use either p.o. or ups the label is for both
I would say stick with the post office! On the higher weight package its only ups from what I hear.
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I have now shipped three UPS boxes. NONE of the three have been scanned. Offer Up already canceled one of my sales because of it. Now I am still trying to figure out about my other two! They all were sent from UPS postal annexes. This is so frustrating. I never have had a problem with USPS. I am starting to switch to Mercari to sell my items so I can go back to USPS.