Post expiration’s once 30 days old and remove sold items

I would love to have a way for posts to expire and be forced to repost. There are SOOOO many posts that are even 4,6,12 months old ! So we spend time looking for something and no reply because it’s already sold. Or it is a profile that isn’t active. I’d love for the app owner to make it so we can look at items not sold only. And Filter out the sold items. Why is it there ? Confusing.

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Welcome to the Community Forums @85dhouse. I agree and will continue to share that opinion. Often times people do get busy, forget, give up, or sell. I think resetting; and t can be a simple acknowledgment alert like : "Do you wish to keep this ad active"? If the person fails to respond in a certain time frame, it can be removed and archived. Then they have the option to reinstate it later Stick around the forums and share more ideas and opinions.

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@Livelifefornow welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Livelifefornow it’s really frustrating I know, it comes down to the person listing their items and not taking care of their accounts, I agree there should be a time limit for items being automatically removed time being decided by OfferUp. I’m sure the OfferUp team will address this issue in the future. But for now I check all aspects of the items listed the persons profile/listing age.

There used to be a delete option. Maybe it has to do with items and proof who knows. But for instance Craigslist automatically expires posts after 7/14/30 days depending on type of post. To keep it decluttered. Scrolling through tons of sold items is frustrating. Maybe I’ll switch to one of the other sites to buy and sell.

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@Livelifefornow I’ll add this to my feedback list and pass on your concerns next time I’m giving feedback on new features I’m testing. Thanks for sharing.
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@Livelifefornow You can Archive posts, which will automatically unlist it, removing it from future search results and from the Selling tab. As for your feedback on a limit on items - this is something that has been asked about previously and something we can definitely look into and think about, so thank you for sharing that with us!

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This is probably ONE of the biggest changes that NEED to happen! Please hurry and make it a reality
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I saw 2 year old rummage sale listings still posted!

But I don't totally agree with the 30 day limit. There needs to be something in place where buyers can more easily report non replying sellers. I believe this will greatly reduced the older posts as well by simply having people flag posts that have been abandoned or sellers have created new ID's with new phones and haven't deleted their old accounts.

Then offerup can delete any no responsive sellers by simply verifying their status by sending an email with an expiration date that if unanswered will have their account deleted and all items removed.

This will also help to get rid of all those sellers who simply never reply, give them a limited amount of reported 'no replies' from buyers and then delete their accounts.
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This is a very simple problem to solve.  They need to add a "Posted Within" option inside of the filter feature that allows you to select how far back you want to go (24h\7d\30d\All).  Letgo has already implemented this feature and it works great.


I agree that this is the ONE thing  that they need to fix ASAP.  The last thing I want to do when I search for something is get all excited that there are 10 available and find only 1 actually is.....  If I were a dev at Offerup I'd be embarassed such a fundamental feature were not implemented yet..


Just my .02..

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@zindaThat sounds like a great plan!

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i have stuff posted that is old (over 6 months) but I also actively PAY ATTENTION and respond.  i'd hate for someone to filter out my result just because it is old.  for me the issue is inactive users not necessarily old stuff.  i pay attention to how long a person has had an item listed.  a long listing without a sale may make that person more wiliing to negotiate.  additionally, 'listed too long' isn't a just assesment.  some stuff simply may not sell quickly but have value (i.e exercise equipment, car parts, art).