Posted an item not in feed.

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I posted an item in fact I have several items posted however I have some chairs for sale that will not show up in the feed.
When I first posted it I went to the furniture feet and the chairs were there I hit refresh and they were promptly removed.
It doesn’t make sense that they removed
I’ve been using OfferUp for quite some time so the fact that they’re being removed is out of the ordinary and must be a new procedure or policy for offer up if this continues I’m going to switch to another forum.
It’s as if they have an algorithm to force me to have to pay to advertise and this has frequently been a free service.
The other issue is I’ve been buying here for quite some time and even when I put in a search specifically looking for my own item it doesn’t come up. Again this is out of ordinary this is the common procedure that I do to make sure the verbiage in my ad makes sense in terms of searching and for the feed.
I have rebooted my phone and then all the tricks on the other feed that was recommended. Offer up what is going on?


Yesterday I dropped off a package at USPS into their parcel **bleep**. And today the app hasn't updated.. and when I looked at the shipping label again today I noticed it said UPS . So now I'm worried as to when do I get my package back and itll be past the time limit
Omg.. wrong post... I'm sorry.