Potential buyer user account deactivated




A potential buyer gave me an offer on something I am selling and I accepted. It said it was submitted for review. Later, I got a notification that it was cancelled. When I view the buyer’s account, it says his account was deactivated, yet he continues to be able to make me offers on the item. I feel like it is legit, but I am unable to contact him in any way. Has anyone dealt with this before?



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If you search the forums there are a couple threads that look similar to yours.

How old is the users account?

You can always contact support to verify things.

If Hotrod is around he can provide a link as I don't have it on hand.
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The link to support is https://offerup.com/support/new/
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Thanks for sharing the correct link. Think I gave incorrect link to someone earlier. Good to meet you. L11
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@L11 no problem. I have a tab in my phone browser with the link open so I can get it quickly if I need to.
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@aidenholley, @Mj_206, a@Hotrod,
Can someone please tell me why my account was deactivated after trying to activate TruYou but my pic couldn't be read due to too much glare? Tough daay & this isn't helping...L11
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@L11 is there an option to retake the picture? If not, contact support via the link above in case you haven't contacted them yet.
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That is happening to me as well. Im soo madd
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Oh... no... @L11!
How are you able to post on the Community forums?
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YES my OU BFF...LOL. I can stiil post & participate. Perhaps someone pn OU verified fb, google, & other cyber pwers that be that I AM authorized user. L11