Price drop feature

Level 1
Does anyone know how to manually turn on the price drop feature to use it? I saw it once before offered for one of my listings but I don't see it anymore. How do we access this feature for some of our other listings? The only option I see is to edit the price but that is not the same as when buyers see that you have "dropped" a previous price. Tried looking around everywhere and I only saw a post suggesting the price drop feature.
Level 1
I saw my reduced tag on my trash compactor accidentally. I can not re- create it on any thing else I post either. I am guessing maybe only works on high dollar items. Wish it worked on any dollar amount. It is a cute feature, now if I can figure out how to do it again? Help us?

Me too. It was in my notifications for ONE of my listings, but I wish we could price drop on ANY of our listings to attract more buyers Smiley Sad It's like we have to wait for offerup to throw us some crumbs every now and then. Lol.