Price or size on photo

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I always put a price but people want things for little cost.
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I think thats a great idea. It’s something we can all do to our own photos with edit apps. Ill definitely start doing that.
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I agree! I already do this with my photos but I have to edit them using a different app and re-saving them and then uploading the photos. Long process BUT I think it looks cleaner and more people don’t need to lose where they were on my page by clicking to see the price of something
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The worst part about it is there used to be a price in the corner of the picture! I have no idea who decided to change this but it was a horrible design decision. I use offerup about 10% of what I used to bc tapping on every item to check prices is unbelievably inconvenient.
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I agree.
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Your so right, the more info the better, good pictures are priceless! 👍
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I totally agree with that, great idea 👍

@KimS no, offerUp is not just for selling items under $50. I have sold vehicles, a camper and expensive electronics on here, plus many other higher-priced items. I see other such items on OfferUp all the time. You could do some browsing and see this for yourself. 

Hi @Elin, it seems everyone on this thread unanimously agrees that prices in the feed would be a very welcome change! I would like to add my two cents as well- another vote in support of this! Like many people on the thread have also mentioned, I sometimes edit the photos in another app so that the price shows in the feed, which can be time consuming. We would all love to get top dollar for our items but sometimes you need to sell the item quick and cheap, for whatever reason. In this case, it is helpful for the price to appear in the feed so that people know what a great deal it is! Is there any word yet on whether OfferUp is going to make this change?
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@LetsMakeADeal Haha, I see that! I love how everyone seems to be on the same page. I spoke with the team and I know it's something we've tested before, perhaps after we release the features the teams have been working on throughout the holidays, we can actually test this again. I relay all feedback, so keep it coming. Don't ever think I'm not listening, cause I'm always watching... Smiley Tongue


But in all honesty, I can see the benefits. I still think the issues were it was *too* cluttered for the app, that's why it's only on the desktop version, but we build things for all of you, so we obviously want you all to be happy!