Problem with app rating buyer

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Had a buyer purchase a completely different item than he was initially interested in. App asks me repeatedly to rate buyer, but this buyer is not in the listed choices. How do I proceed or make the app stop asking me? I saw a post where someone got an unsolicited rating, and this might be a related issue. Furthermore, where can you get help with the app that is not listed in the Faq or blog? I had a service concern last year, and I can still see parts of a chat with someone, but they drifted off onto other topics and clearly could not understand my dilemma, or what I would call the "onboarding" proocess, which asked me to provide a driver's license number just to use the app. Please help.


@Rotten wrote:
where can you get help with the app that is not listed in the Faq or blog? 

Here is the Offerup support link:



Level 9
If the buyer didn't message you on the item they bought you cant rate them. If the item they originally intended on buying is sold to someone else, rate the actual buyer. If the orig item is still actually for sale but you marked it sold when they were enroute, you could just rate them anyway (based on item they purchased in the end) and relist the item. You will in turn get a rating from them. The rating system is not really incredibly important imo. If you would rather stop the rating request just hit sold it somewhere else
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There is also the option to choose: "Did not sell to this buyer" when rating a buyer. GLTU!