Promote not showing

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I bought a promote for an item selling, its been quite a few minutes and it doesn't show up on tje post when I view it
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Hey there! Are you still not able to see it? If it doesn't show, please contact our Customer Support team so they can either refund or fix it for you. 


I bought a 3-day Promote yesterday. Actually, I think I bought two. I bought the first one and couldn’t find a confirmation of the purchase, so I tried it again. This time I got a confirmation, but I can find nowhere on the site that gives a history of purchases. Today I go to the forum and find no “promotes” at all! I know this site tries to keep it simple, but it would be great to have some way of charting activity and purchases. Thanks. 

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I am having the same problem but I can't figure out how to contact someone for help.

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@Hoov @Tq2 Here are the directions in the Help Center. To contact Support about this specific issue, click on Contact Us below the information. Hope this helps! 

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Hello guys, I am going through the same problem right now. This has been going on since yesterday after I paid for 3days bump. My item has not been shown in the field or Stamp promote. It being over 24hrs now. I have gotten few replies that claimed they fix it, but NOT AT ALL. My transaction history is not showing up as well. I just want them to refund me at this point so I can try it again.
Don’t worry. I pay for promoted item for 14 days. My item disappeared together with my money
Don’t worry. I pay for promoted item for 14 days. My item disappeared together with my money.
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Welcome to the community, @NicaraguaBonita. I actually still see this item posted on OfferUp. Were you able to reach out to the Customer Care team yet? 

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How do you contact them. Mine doesn’t say promoted either