Putting items on sale with alerts to buyers

I have recently recieved alerts on my phone when a seller reduces the price on an item I previously asked about or saved to my boards. When I check the item, the little price tag shows a strike-through with the new price. I have also randomly come across listings with a price strike-through.

This is a great promotional tool.....but my question is how do I do it for my listings? I have edited listings to lower the price, but it doesn’t trigger the alert or strike-through. And I have searched the forums and google with the relevant keywords, but nothing narrows down to what I’m looking for.

Any help is appreciated
Level 9
You will only see this as a buyer on items that were saved or messaged on. (Is that a word?) If your item has no questions, it is not promoted as a price drop publicly. It may be better to relist as "REDUCED PRICE" in listing title.