Question about shipping Nationwide

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I have read the information about this new feature to sell Nationwide & ship. What I didn't find was information on what type of USPS box to ship we are allowed to use. I have not yet sold anything nationwide through offerup and I want to be ready when I do sell something being shipped. Has anyone shipped yet? Can you tell me what boxes we are allowed to ship in so I can stock up? Thank you.
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Hi @mcervantes79 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
I would recommend asking
@Elin Community manager you can send a private message for more specific answer to your question.
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I haven’t sold anything yet either but I have searched extensively thru this app to get info. It takes awhile to find it and I have emailed them and it takes almost 2 weeks for them to respond.
Anyway, you ship Priority Mail with the buyer paying and you should include free shipping. Therefore, by doing this, you end up increasing the listing price of your item in order to cover your shipping costs. Now, what I think is going to be a problem is that local people may not buy or even make a counter offer because the price may be way too high and they don’t even bother. So, I’m not quite sure how to get around that yet. A set price then $xx for shipping and handling? But that’s not the way Offerup explained it to me. So, any advice/comments there?
And, I also agree with someone’s comment about how do people across the country see your postings when the “posting distance” only goes to a certain point?
At least with EBay, it’s just EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE! I like the idea but I’m not too sure if it’s going to work out.
I would rather offer the shipping instead of trying to meet up with people who don’t bother to show up!
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Hello, I’m trying to get help with this. My customer doesn’t see an option to pay me on the app or a ship to me option. I’m verified for payment and selected the ship nation wide button. Do you know what the customer is supposed to do to get the transaction started in their end? Thanks!

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I shipped a box. I don’t know who pays shipping! I know Off Up charged a small small fee. I had a message from them saying how much will be deposited to my PayPal account within 5 days after the buyer received it.
If it turns out this uncomplicated I am offering shipping on every smaller item I sell!
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I shipped a smaller item yesterday . The postage was for the max weight of 10lbs. That was the class I chose upon listing. OfferUp sent messages every step of the way and told me how much I would get. It was $2 less than what the customer offered so I agreed. OfferUp called the difference a fee so I assume that it’s shipping charges. But I clearly see what I will be getting unlike Ebay with all the fees and what have you that get invoiced later.
If it goes without a hitch I will be elated.
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@59time the buyer pays shipping. Offerup takes a small service charge for shipping.