Question about user accounts deactivated

Hello I’ve a question I was wondering anyone could help with: I was conversing with a potential customer, discussing when and where to set up the time of the sale, and all of the sudden mid-conversation I received a message from OfferUp that that persons account was deactivated. “User Account Deactivated” it read. What does this mean? Thanks
Community Manager

Hi there, @Mathadian! I'm assuming that they either deactivated their own account, or our fraud detectors may have automatically closed the other account. What types of messages were you receiving from this other user? 

I have the same problem. Brittany (the person I got them from) asked my address and I asked if they have been shipped and she said not yet she’s still work and I asked later that day if they were at the post office and she said yes after this I went back and t said her account was deactivated
So was I basically scammed


If you paid via OfferUp, you will receive a refund (5-10 BUSINESS days).