Quick tip for new OfferUp forum members using @

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Here’s a quick tip for new OfferUp Community forum members on communicating with other members, put an @ in front of their username, here’s an example, @Hotrod in doing so you will notify other members to respond to questions or respond to answering in the Community forum, Hope this helps.
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Thanks @Hotrod! We hope to soon be releasing something that will help with threaded comments. Smiley Happy

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Your so welcome @Elin sounds great!
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@ Link to Community members... good one
@Hotrod 👍
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Good to know @Hotrod thank you.
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@CptObvious Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Your welcome CptObvious 👍
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How do you reply to somebody if you have a solution to their request
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Thanks @Hotrod