Rankings From Same Person Should Count

Hi, I used to have over 90 something 5* Rankings but, when the System changed to Not count the Rankings more than 1 time for Each Individual Person, I got knocked down to like 73. I have Multiple Items & some Items I have Multiple of as well. Just because, I do a Good Job of Selling or Buying more than 1 Item during a Transaction w/Same Person, we (me & the other Person) should not be penalized for that by Not being able to receive a Rating for Each Item Bought/Sold accordingly.


We still had to perform the Initial Posting, Sales Communications, & the Final Sale/Purchase of Each Item Separately. Therefor, we should receive the Rating Star that we Earned for Each Item. I'm sure that some people out there will tke advantage of that & "Pad" their Ratings w/Friends or Family... but, they can do that anyway if they really want to by just getting other people to help them out. Us Honest people should Not be Penalized for that. Every Rating should Count as we Work Hard for them & reflects how people see us & vice-versa.


Thankfully, I haven't had any Bad or even 4 Stars yet but, if we do, we should be able to Dispute them as, some people out there & I'm Sorry to say this but, unfortunately, there are Trolls out there that just do Not like to give 5* Ratings no matter what. Also some people just have Nothing better to do than give Honest people Bad Ratings just because they can. Some people I see on Major Retail Stores give Bad Ratings for Items just because they do Not know how to read before they Buy or they are just mad at the World for whatever reason & like to bring others down with them.


I hope that I can be of Help to anyone & Everyone. I Stopped ALL other forms of Buying & Selling soon as I found OFFERUP!!! I Love this Site! I tell Everyone I can. Thnx again & Enjoy!

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Thanks!! Look in your inbox!


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@SaltwaterCowboy Very good point, thanks for sharing.