Received item today but can't request a refund

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This is my first time posting anything, hopefully I am doing this correctly. I ordered a pair of shoes that were described as "like new" in the header but no actual description. There was only one picture of the shoes and in the picture you can't tell that the tops of both shoes have been cut, there is paint on them and only one shoe has a shoe string. I tried sending him a message but got an error when I tried so I tried to do the buyer protection and it says I can't request a refund because the item hasn't been delivered (it may have said it hasn't been shipped) but it was delivered today. I am clueless on what to do, or how to contact someone that can help me because under all of the help topics nothing like this has been mentioned. 

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Hi @Jamieleenkc pleaee open the support ticket with OU.
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It has to be marked delivered by the shipping company before you can submit a claim.