Receiving late messages?

Level 9
Looks like there's something wrong with the app.

I'm just now getting a message for an old item — the message is TWO days old inquiring about my product which is now sold.

Elin or OfferUp team can you resolve this please.

Who knows how many others have been missed.

Also I should point out the item was recently marked sold and was archieved.

If didn't revive the archieve post under offers, just the message chain.
OfferUp employee

@goblin We haven't seen many complaints or feedback about this yet, is this still an issue for you? I can let the team know and in the meantime make sure to report it to our Customer Care team so they can track it. 

Level 9

I've only received the one message very late so far.

My concern is I may have other messages stuck in limbo.

Maybe even days or perhaps weeks old.

I feel bad, because it seems like this person was interested, but never heard back from me because of a glitch I'm assuming.

If I need to provide additional info like screenshots or access to my account let me know.
Community Manager

Hey @goblin - our Customer Care team is definitely interested in seeing those screenshots! 


I'll send you a PM here in a moment. 

Level 1
When I get notified theres a message I look immediately and lately they are 1 hour late