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Hello I'm new to offer up. I've sold one item, to a woman the other day it was a pair of boots. Now that my ad is states that the boots are brand new that I've never even had my foot down in them I've never had them on you know just want half at the purchase price. So I've talked to this lady now for going on about a week about when we're going to meet up to get the boots and whatnot. So last night she shows up to buy the boots and before I take her money I tell her if you don't mind please check him over make sure they're what you're actually wanting I was like I want to be upfront honest with you I have never worn them and I've never been worn outside but my little girl has been playing in them for the last 2 or 3 days up in the room. So she turns on the interior lights of her car, take into consideration it's not even 6 at night yet. She looks like a boots she says that's fine. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the boots you can tell by the soles of them that they haven't been worn. I went out of my way to make sure that this woman was more than comfortable with this transaction. I was upfront and honest about my daughter had been playing in them she's only nine. Told her everything up front she looked over everything was good to go. Original asking price was $60 but I went down to 50 because she and came one day prior to get the boots I didn't get her message that she was in our meeting spot that we agreed upon, and the fact that you know my daughter have been playing in them for 2 or 3 days technically they were no longer brand new. Pentas why I specifically told her my daughter's been playing in them for 2 or 3 Days please check them out I don't want to seems shady I just want everything to be on the up-and-up everything was fine she paid me the $50 I gave her the boots she went on her way me and my daughter went out to eat. Now the very next day today to be exact, she calls me and there's a voicemail on my phone and telling me that she wants her money back that she was not truthful in my ad that the boots are dirty on the inside and there's a stain on the heel of the boot. Then I must not have seen that voicemail and a timely fashion for her because she text me the same thing. I proceeded to tell her that you know that say precisely the reason why I had you check everything out the night before when you met with me to pick them up. That I'm a very upfront and honest person I didn't want her to feel duped I didn't want to be the person doing the duping. I tell her that you decided that they were what you wanted to buy because you bought them from me and now hours and hours later you call me and to tell me that you've changed your mind and that I've tricked you in some kind of way. To be quite honest I'm **bleep** at this point! But I keep my composure and I keep my cool and I am not rude or disrespectful or talking out the side of my neck toward this woman and any kind of way shape or form. I simply tell her you checked them out last night we even turned your interior lights on so you can look at them I pointed out to you the souls of the boots that they weren't completely clean that you can tell that they had not been walked in outside they have not been worn. You're informed about my daughter playing with them for the last couple days everything's fine and now when I asked what has changed because you were perfectly fine with the boot last night and now tonight you want me to give you your money back you tell me that it was dark. We met at the Econo Lodge parking lot the parking lot was lit the hotel itself was lights that were turned on in the hallway the walkway area and you turned on the light in your car you can see every aspect of these boots so when I question what the issue is now and that's thinks you said you give me I automatically call b*******! It was very well lit like I said it was only 6 at the latest. There are no stains on them, as in her messages she tells me that it looks like there is oil on the heel of the boot, that we somehow both manage to overlook the night before in her inspection of them. You know my rant is kind of over...

my question is am I the one in the wrong? I don't feel that I owe her a refund, because she was very well informed about the boots I was very truthful about the boots even when status of the boots had changed from brand new to my daughter has played in them for the last 2 or 3 days around the hotel room. I asked her to inspect them before she handed me any money, and everything was fine she goes home I go home so now what the reasons are that she wants a refund she's asking me to refund her $50 am I wrong for denying the refund? I was honest with her, when the status changed from brand new to played around in by my child in our hotel room , I gave her a discount partially for that reason alone...

I just want to know if I'm wrong for not giving her her money back and getting the boots back, or is she in the wrong? I'm sure this is a long rant question and I am using my voice text because I can possibly type it as fast as using voice messaging, so I apologize in advance if there are any grammatical errors or typos in any way. Thank you very much for taking the time to actually read my question and hopefully giving some much-needed advice. Like I said above I'm new to this whole online selling and I only want to do what's right. I feel like I was more than a gracious seller, and I really don't want to end up with a tainted reputation or a bad seller review on OfferUp!! Please help me!
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@Jessicanicolemy Hey Smiley Happy Not many grammatical errors, especially if this is from talking on your phone! I'll let other community members chime in from their own experiences, but it does sound like you did do the right thing by meeting in a public place, asking her to inspect the item thoroughly, or as thorough as she wanted to, from what it sounds like you were very honest, and you even went down on your price. The *only* thing I want to add is we don't recommend giving out your personal phone number to members, only because we built our in-app messaging system to keep everything within the app (so you don't have to feel obligated to share personal info). It's the safest way. As for a refund? It really depends on the situation and the type of exchange. Would love for other members of the community to share their own personal advice with you! 

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You shouldn’t list anything as “brand new” after being opened and played with. Even though you you stated that your child had only played with the boots for a couple of days, that’s actually wear and tear. Also you stated your child is 9, that’s a huge difference than if it had been a toddler playing with them. Bottom line, a child playing with an item you’re selling as new no longer values the item as new. The buyer should have taken this into consideration as well. I feel you both played a role in this bad deal. Maybe you guys can work a new deal where you take your boots back and keep $10 for your inconvenience and she recovers just $40 for her role in accepting an item that was clearly not new only to later want her money back. I’m not saying your daughter marred the boot heel or whatever, all I’m saying is the community can’t side with either of you because you’re both wrong in this case.
I suggest you guys work the deal that I mentioned above. Leaving you room to repost the boots as used for a lesser price and she walks away with most of her money. Good luck to you both.

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Hi Jessica ,

You were extremely honest with her , she knew what she was buying . It sounds like she didn’t like them , she damaged them or her kids did something with the boots . Just block her. You can’t be wasting time and refunding money like that . People need to stop this is Ebay where they can return anything for no reason .
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@Jessicanicolemy--Hello, I read your post!! You absolutely did the right thing. You allowed the buyer to examine the boots, she took them to her car, & had the opportunity to look them over.

Now she took the boots. Well then that's a done deal. You explained how they were new but then for 2-3 days your daughter wore them & she was fine with it. I will echo what a couple of other members said, just block the person & move forward.