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This app is a scam. Still havent gotten a reply from moderators/customer service about a pending case. Never received my money back for getting a fake item and yes I have buyer protection claim.

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The app is not a scam.

The way the shipping feature in particular works is somewhat flawed.

It seems that it's mainly up to Stripe, the third party that holds the money and your bank to sort things out.

Times vary on how fast that is resolved.

A rep would just tell you to wait a bit longer, which they should do at the very least I guess.

I'm curious to know what type of CC or other acceptable cashless methods people are using.

It would answer questions like, what seems to work well with Stripe, etc.

That's not an excuse for the way they handle things, they should do better or move to a diffrent escrow service in my opinion.

Just an outside perspective, from a fellow user who has been aprehensive to use the feature.

It's a scam because what they said on their buyer protection claim info is that they would not release the payment not until 3 days after item has been received. If buyer asks for buyer protection refund within the 3 days then they would not release the money. But the thing is I filed a claim for buyer protection 1 day after receiving the item which turned out to be fake and they still released my money. I need answers for this. @Mj_206

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Well, there's new information.

What I said in my previous post still stands.

If there was a bug that allowed funds to go through earlier, any transactions will show this and I'm sure you'll get your money.

If you did everything correctly and there's proof, there should be no need to worry

Contact support or wait for the admin to get you in touch with a payment specialist.
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If you have contacted support and opened the case and if our payments team can confirm that the item was not as described, you should receive a refund.

I am so close to talking to my bank about this. It has been more than 2 weeks since I filed the claim. I already sent pictures and the seller agreed to do a refund because he admitted that the item was fake. Your team is very trashy when it comes to giving people back their money. I havent gotten a single proper reply from your team. They only sent me 3 of the same generated replies saying that they will get back to me shortly but they never do. I filed a claim again multiple times to escalate it but still no use. This app is srsly getting trashier and trashier.

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As stated in OfferUps' TOS...

Stripe is the merchant provider who deals with ALL $ tranfers.

Hear me out. They said they only release the funds after 3 days of receiving the item if buyer doesnt make a claim. I made a claim a day after receiving the shoes and still they released my money without my consent and now it's been a month and still no update from the company. I am already in the talks with my bank. This app is just money hungry. Smh.

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Hi the same thing happened to me and it’s been five days since the seller canceled my order and deleted their account. I’ve tried contacting offerup several times over the last couple days and haven’t received any help. What should I do?