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Can someone help how to get a refund. I sent a email off last week about a refund and can’t get a respond back. Someone canceled a order 3 weeks ago I still haven’t got refunded. I had another order canceled on me last week and haven’t got a refund on that order either.

Same thing happened to me did you ever get your money back
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I shipped an order that was damaged in transit. OfferUp isn't supposed to release funds to sellers until 2 days AFTER delivery is indicated by the shipping service, unless a buyer indicates receipt prior, yet, for some reason, OfferUp has been releasing funds the day of was the case with this order. The next day, the buyer picked up the package from USPS and said it was damaged. She opened a claim (on January 31st, I believe) but hasn't gotten a response. I inquired to OfferUp a little over a day ago, and I also haven't received a reply.... Not even an auto-response as indicated.

OfferUp claims that there is protection for up to $500 on orders. It doesn't specify if it covers shipment damage, but does include if item is not received as described, which thus should fall under, I believe. I am wondering if (and this is if OfferUp even responds) OfferUp issues (or is SUPPOSED to issue) refunds for such a claim. I want the buyer to get a refund.

Am I going to have to just pay her out-of-pocket because of OfferUp inability to follow through? And if I do, I would like it to include the seller fee that OfferUp has taken.

Is there an admin that has these answers? Is it possible to light a fire under them? Are they extraordinary backlogged? Do you think she will ever get a refund?
Thank you.
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How do I get a refund buyer falsely stated this product was not what she claimed it to be

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If you did everything through OfferUp file a Buyer's Protection claim.
Yes they took my money right away too and I put in a claim because it was damaged within 2 days but money was already gone. I guess I should Dispute with my credit card company to be safe. Did you ever receive a refund? Haven’t heard anything. So disappointed
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Where do you see that you liar.
This app is a scam I received a fake item I have opened a claim (within 2hours of receiving the fake item)
Still haven’t heard from anyone?!?!?!?!?!
Did you ever get your refund? I’m going through this exact thing