Refund on a shipping order

I'm going through the same issue right now..offer up doesnt like giving people their money back because it's taking money away from them
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The fact is never ship with OfferUp because they don't stand behind their shipping when something gets lost there's absolutely nobody to talk to and nobody to assist so if you drop off a package to be delivered through OfferUp and it just happens to disappear guess what your F×+*d!!! Share this message with everybody you know because sooner or later you're all going to be screwed like I was! Offer up offers no protection for shipping.

Did you ever get this resolved? Currently dealing with this as the tracking Offer Up put on my order was for a completely different package that got delivered a few streets down, that wasn't even addressed to me . But still since it says delivered it's like offer up doesn't care. I've filed claims and requested refunds and nobody wants to help