Refund or final sale ??

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Please help I had a working fridge that I was selling because I’m moving into a fully furnished apt and have no need for the one I have. I live far brought the item to the city of the buyer and even delivered it and took inside they’re home for them. 2.5 hrs later they said it’s broken and want their money back. What should I do ?
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They had time to fully inspect it. I would say final sale, but ultimately it is up to you to refund them.
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They are buying a used item, they looked at it and you agreed on a price based on the condition of the item that moment. They could have easily damaged it while moving it. I would tell the the warranty was up once it left your property. Or in a nicer way, “sorry used items are “as is”.

I am also assuming it was plugged in and running when they looked at it, not that it really matters.
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Just saw you brought it to them, my comment still stands though.