Refund time

How long does it take for my bank account to receive a refund? The seller accepted an offer and then cancelledZ
Community Manager

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Typically our Payment Processor, Stripe, takes 3-5 business days with refunds. It also takes 3-5 business days for buyers to receive the funds once the deposit is no longer pending. I've seen the refunds be instant at times, but that's typically after you've used the feature several times.

Is there anyway to rush this? I have bills I need to pay on the 17th and I’m depending on getting this money back.
I’m going through this exact same thing right now. It’s crazy how when you purchase online through the offer up app the money gets deducted from your bank right away, but when you’re getting refunded for a cancellation from the seller it takes 3-5 business days - Quick to **bleep**, but feet drag when it’s time to give back. Second, it’s also interesting how there are ‘Community Forum Administrators’ that act as middlemen to a VERY hard to reach customer service department. To even find contact information for ‘Customer Care’ is BEYOND ridiculous when that kind of information should be at the forefront of any business. Instead of investing in commercials and forum soldiers, invest in REAL CUSTOMER CARE, it will take you further.
Did you ever get your refund? If so how long did it take?