Refunds from online purchase

Level 1
Ok so I been trying to buy a certain item from this app. The lady seems really sweet and communicative. The isssue is that I pay for the item and wait for her to ship. So far we have tried twice to make this work. The first time OfferUp canceled my purchase. She apparently didn’t ship the item ontime. That time I got my funds the same day. The second time we tried she canceled. Now, I’m just wondering how long it’s going to be before I get the funds now? If anyone knows plz let me know.
Level 4

Huge problem  sellers don't follow instructions  they don't ship orders get canceled I have had nothing g but problems with shipping same order canceled twice no refunded yet they need to alert sellers what to do when shipping .they don't get paid till order is shipped never ever order shipped items a friggin nightnpmare