Removing Alerts from Items - Blocking Users

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It would be nice to block a user that never shows up, or you know that has no intention of buying.  Window shopping.  Just wasting your time and effort to sell on site.


I don't think that reporting them is appropiate for this.  As they have not done any illegal per say, just annoying for sure and not going anywhere with their offer.


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Totally hear you on this feedback, @jvoffers! Being able to block without first submitting a report against the other user has been requested before. If you block a user, this will block any communication.

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How do you delete stuff youve already bought or not interested anymore
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Currently, there is no "delete" option, so just archive everything that you would normally delete.

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@Chris1961 let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
Chris1961 just to add, Are you talking about items you’ve saved to your quick save folder in boards folder under my offers folder? If so just open the items you don’t want anymore, tap on the heart icon in the top right corner then tap the heart uncheck the item and it should remove the item your saving.
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I Don't mean to advertise any other app and I think besides not able to post more than five pictures on Android offerup much better app and definitely have bright future in my opinion. But the future blocking and unblocking on letitgo definitely should be looked at and integrated in here.