Reported user but received no staff feedback

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I was unfairly (my feeling) given poor feedback after one of my sales so reported the member. I never received a response from a staff member here. It might be a little late to tell my full story but felt I'd give it a go since I have this new arena (the forum!) to be heard in.

If a staffer could contact me to discuss this transaction I'd appreciate it.
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So they gave you a 1 star and you want it corrected?

You'd need to contact supoort directly and see what they say.

I always ask buyers if they feel a 5 star mutual rating is in order.

If I don't hear back from the buyer I don't rate.
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That was the idea. I tried contacting support twice about the transaction but never received a response. I figured I'd try once more in this new forum.
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I am not expecting them to change the rating soley based on my side of the story. I do expect some response from a staff member though.

In my opinion both sides of the transaction should be heard and then an impartial decision should be made.
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As much as I like OfferUp, their support is on par with places like AT&T, long wait times and generic responses. I’ve had the same experience with unfair reviews. Even though imo five stars don’t mean much since lots of people are explicitly asking each other rate themselves 5 stars, a bad review can be very damaging especially when that your first rating. My issue was months ago so hopefully they’ve improved their support and get back to you soon.
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Welcome to our community, @B_Brasky! We're happy to have you here!


Most ratings can't be reversed once they have gone through. It does look like our Customer Care team just sent you an email though. 

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They did! Thank you for the support @Mj_206 and OfferUp staff.

Feel free to close this thread.
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Happy to hear it all worked out! Smiley Very Happy