Request: Better Search/Filter Options

Level 3

Search does not allow one to 'exclude' content from a search.  You can add as many words to the search, but not exclude terms. If you want an iPhone Xr, but NOT the MAX, you can't not exclude the Max. You might want a tablet, but do not want that is CRACKED. 

Second, there is now way to hide postings. There should be a way to hide a post when you know it will ALWAYS show up as a search result and yet NEVER be of interst. 


There are times you may want to exclude a particular seller, 'cause you know the seller is bad news and it just waste's time and space. Might want to exclude someone who is dealing the same stuff over and over. Might want to exclude 'new empty profile' style accounts.  


Massive amounts of spam (both buyer and seller side) coming from empty/new accounts. YET, there is NO way to exclude from your daily activities. No way to say I do not want to get responses from a new account. No way to say do not show an empty account.  All this attention on verifying 'certain' accounts, yet WHAT IS THE POINT when one can not filter by verified accounts?


This site loves the spam, there is no other reason for them not include an option to block out the mountains of trash that have taken over. Every suggestion or complaint falls on deaf ears.