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First, I’m feeling annoyed - & that may be slanting my judgment. But, I’d love some advice. Here’s my deal:
I had a small white TV posted for $10. A gal said she was interested. We then went round & round over her request for alternative phone numbers/email addresses that she could use to contact me more directly - because .. she planned to have someone else pick the TV up. It felt weird... so I held firm on her contacting me solely through the offer up messenger.

To my surprise - she did finally arrange a time for her friend to pick up the TV. He arrived promptly, checked the TV out... & left with the TV. I quickly gave the gal a good offer up rating.... & I thought we were done.

However... Later that same night, she messaged me that the tv might not work because she didn’t think she’d be able to connect a game system to it. She requested a refund. This did strike me as odd... because the TV is TEN inches. Who plays games on a 10” TV?? 😉

Regardless, I did reply that she could return it... & mentioned that my husband was pretty sure there was a converter that would enable her to use it with a game system if she really wanted to. After she asked several more questions - She said she’d look into the converter.

Now... it’s a full WEEK later & she’s just messaged that she’s decided she’d like to bring the TV back after all.

Am I missing something? It just feels so silly & odd. I don’t think I owe her the courtesy of a return, (especially after a week has passed and the TV could be broken by now).... but I’m seriously wondering if I should be feeling paranoid? Is there weird scam I could be walking into? 🤨 Who goes to this much effort for $10 TV?

She hasn’t yet rated me...& I can predict I’ll probably get a lousy rating if I don’t comply.
What would you do??? Allow the return — or maybe just encourage her to resell the TV?

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"I rated you accordingly because you followed through on pick up. The person you sent over inspected the item prior to taking it. Thought you had told him what to look for? I was not against giving you all the information you would have requested on the item, but you never asked if it came with something you required. I thought our business had concluded, why the sudden change of heart after so long? Perhaps a pawn shop will give you more for it? Don't have the time to meet up even if I had the extra cas, work has been hectic."

This is a though one as she's holding a rating over you.

If any staff / admin is willing to step in please say so.

In the future, rate on the spot if it's the actual buyer or message them a bit after.

"I rate you 5 ★ you do the same? 😀"
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Hi @dsdinkel let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,
dsdinkel just to add to what goblin was saying, after one week is a long time to expect a refund. but your right the person will probably give you a bad rating if you don’t take it back. the only problem is you did tell them you would take it back, this is the problem with the ratings system where people pulling this kind of thing on sellers. this is why sellers don’t give ratings most of the time, you can do one of two things, take it back but tell the person you will inspect it before giving them a refund, or don’t take it back and get a bad rating. then report the person giving as much information, it’s totally up to you to decide. you totally did the right thing not giving your personal information to the person. I would recommend posting sold as is and no refunds,
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Agree with HotRod, this bit also made me think.

"the only problem is you did tell them you would take it back"

Should not have given them the option to return, if you were positive the item worked.

They should have asked the appropriate questions.

I mean, as a seller you had the power to rate before you gave it over, so in the future ask if all is well before rating.


In the future as HotRod suggested maybe add As Is or a variant message of the like.

People tend to shy away from As Is alone — give them the option to examine / try out.

"As Is — but can test before buying."
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Thanks to all for the replies. You’re right... I DID say I’d take it back. I just didn’t realize that would also be “at her convenience!”....

(Just to clarify.. the item worked. She just wanted it to do something it wasn’t meant for.)

We’ve both wasted so much more than $10 worth of time at this point - that I’d love to just be done with it. I’ve decided that I would prefer to be the better person - & I will accept the return. Thank you!
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@dsdinkel glad we could help, I totally understand people can be so frustrating sometimes, sorry you had this issue. just make sure it’s in the same condition as when you sold it. 😊

I understand your frustration and dilemma. I, personally, wouldn't take it back after that much time had passed. But I would have said so in the beginning. There, generally, are NO RETURNS in a venue like this. I even have a sign in my antique store that says NO RETURNS or REFUNDS. They have plenty of time to inspect/test the item before they purchase or leave. I had a woman pull the same thing on me with a very expensive candelabra. Dresden Porcelain, she sepnt an HOUR looking it over and talking about it with me. Handled it and haggled on a price with me. When we were both satisfied she bought it, and them had the NERVE to phone me two hours later to tell me she discovered damage. I told he no returns, refunds, or exchanges. Sign was posted, she inspected, I pointed out damage/flaws to her, that she bought it KNOWING it was damaged. I stuck to it too. 

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@goblin @Hotrod & @Decades_Antqs : So... I stood by my offer to accept the returned TV and conveyed that in a message yesterday morn.

The buyer didn’t have the courtesy to respond to my message - BUT, did show up unannounced on my doorstep tonight at 7:30.

Since I wasn’t expecting them... I didn’t even have $10 in cash. I raided my kids piggy-banks & took the liberty of handing him a few of the dollars in quarters. (Which made me giggle on the inside). 😉

In the future... I’ll be sure my posts say “all sales final” and I won’t give buyers 5 star ratings until a little time passes. Thanks to you each for your advice!

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Hey @dsdinkel you welcome, glad everything worked out, you totally have the right attitude lol, Your the kind of person I’d definitely buy from or sell to. Happy future sales 😊

We live and learn with every sale. I still learn lessons 6 yrs later selling/shipping on Ecommerce sites. I had one lady get mad at me because she came to pick up an item (through OfferUp) she decided since I was a STORE she'd use her credit card instead and I charged her tax. Most people show up with CASH in hand or use PayPal.