Ripped OFF I have submitted help on getting paid its been 11 days and not pay.... for item I sold...

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I have been Ripped off from Offer's UP App.

 Oh once I submit to online claims for fraud this issue will always be on OFFER UP account with the two listed agency I have contacted and filed complaints.

Do Not use this OFFER UP APP it does not work 100%. 


I would strongly suggest current user of this app to go to 'LET GO' app at least they will return your message within 24 hours without closing your ticket immediately so it gives me no hope of a solution if support is ignorant not to even wait for my reply. 

So here is what I suggest and I will be doing today and copy below is my request.

No one live to support when its been over 11 days since shipment been delivered and review was given by the buyer from product I sold.

My submission for help and a Lazy answer from Omar... rediculus to close a support without a solution what a JOKE.

I sold 'Man Cave Bush Beer Counter Sign' I thought I originally setup payment through my bank card. But as of today I have not received payment via bank. So Today I added the routing/account number. When will I receive payment for transaction 12927 on June 2, 2018  delivery & buyer review date?

What makes me so **bleep** is this  100% helpful.  What a JOKE!

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    Hi T,
    My name is Amir, I'd love to help verifying your account.

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    Currently, we give buyers 3 days to evaluate their items to make sure they’re satisfied. After the 3 days has passed, the funds will be released the following day.

    Depending on your financial institution and any bank recognized holidays, it can take up to 5 business days for the funds to process and reach your bank account or debit card.


LAZY LAZY PEOPLE WHO has no authorization or ambition to solve the problem  

I regret to ever of started selling here on Offer Up

Do not use the app if you want to get paid.

I request a personal in charge supervisor/manager to contact me with the solution of payment any other 

answer is unacceptable

I plan to submit to the better business bureau.fraud and theft of item sold and most of you do not know

to submit a compaint to the Internet FBI for Fraud charge against this Offer UP, today!

Here is, again, again, my request from two days ago so now its been 11 days and No Payment has been deposted in my account.. 

Why is it when it comes to MONEY no one is available to personally take a look at the Order Number and at least give me a response of HOPE.


I submitted a help request only to find out it is an automated messaging...  I think not having live or able to call in to support when it comes to finacial issues not getting paid. 

I do not need an answer to the FAQ's. I already read! 

OFFER UP has no live help support which is terrible service for a online service.

Terrible when you get a reply back not caring about a money situation 

I have read the terms of getting paid... 

But it dosn't help your App is incapable of working after the 8 days grace period in order to get paid.

App has no solution to contact a live person for support who cares about solutions getting taken care of the request

My question was answered poorly because they obviously didn't read my request well.

Like anyone else here getting paid is important.  

What a Rip OFF 


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-Ciao' @SkyDancer-

---Noticed all your posts (except this one) were in the Community Blog instead of the Forum(s)... have you received a solution as yet?

For future reference... If you put @ before the members username you will get a reply (a lot quicker) 😊

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Hi there, @tmohr - welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to hear about this experience. It looks like you reached out to our Customer Care team yesterday, however, it doesn't look like the case was properly routed to the Shipping team. I was able to get this routed over to the Shipping team, and it has now been escalated. You should hear back from one of our specialists by the end of the day.

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For the most part, it is a free app, so customer support is limited. Letgo does have a complaint number, but it does not have a dedicated customer service number. In addition, Mercari does not provide phone support either.

If you want to be able to call customer service, eBay is the only real choice, since Paypal has about 20,000 employees and most of them handle customer service issues.


It's not that OfferUp has lazy employees, but it was an ill informed executive decision to roll-out the shipping system, when it did not fair well during the beta stage either.


Offering shipping is not an innovative idea (hint...eBay, Amazon,etc.) and Mercari has always been an exclusively "shipping" only selling app as well.  OferUp's anagement made a poor decision with the execution. The employees can only work with the tools they are given.

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Hi @tmohr welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,Offer up is great for what it was initialy designed for ,,,,,,,,,,,to buy and sell in your local area,,,,,,,,,,but offerup doesnt seem to have enough man power to just deal with the local issues like taking care of prohibited posts ,,,,,,,i agree with @Lapua ,,,they probably should not have started the shipping feature so soon., but maybe they have no choice ,trying to keep investors happy.,,,,,,,,But offerup works great for me ,,selling in my local area.,,,,,,,

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Offer up has never returned even one messege I have sent.... I have only received a reply on here, which solved nothing.
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I find that quite strange @SkyDancer.

Never mind, I remember all this now.

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-Ciao' @SkyDancer-

---Noticed all your posts (except this one) were in the Community Blog instead of the Forum(s)... have you received a solution as yet?

For future reference... If you put @ before the members username you will get a reply (a lot quicker) 😊

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Yes... I didn't hear back from any of the messeges I sent, but I did just get paid for all my items... Thank you
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Good to know...appreciate the update--- ☺
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Glad everything was cleared up @SkyDancer.

Hopefully now, you'll stop posting "it's a scam". While there obviously are improvements that can be made, clearly there's no scam. That's just way over the top. In addition, time and time again, when folks post they aren't receiving responses to their inquiries with the Shipping Team or Customer Care, there is often some sort of user input error: wrong email associated with account, spam folder etc.

Again, I'm glad you were paid and hope you have greater success with OfferUp local sales going forward.