Ripped OFF I have submitted help on getting paid its been 11 days and not pay.... for item I sold...

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I have already submitted a request and it is been 8 days I have been waiting for payment OfferUp does not even deserve the $11 service fee they charge me for such horrible service please @Mj_206 help me resolve this issue for my request never was answered
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Hahaha how stupid we look begging offerup To pay us our own money 😂😂
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How was this resolved? The original person that posted never got resolved just someone else who posted in it.
And I haven’t had a single response on my topic as well...
I’m so confused about the service with this app
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I’ve also been ripping off. A person named Carlos from Dallas stole a $1300 leather double recliner. I was moving and agreed to pay my movers to carry it out front to make it easier on him. He just pulled up loaded it and took off and he blocked me on here so I have no way of tracking him. Offer up claimed they were going to help but have done nothing

I need help on getting my refund bank from a order NOT shipped

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@antoniowalker41 it looks like our Payments team responded to you earlier today.

Offer up even started ignoring me. Won't respond to emails anymore and when they do it's a automated message. Beyond frustrated
You really have to use your own head on these apps. Most complaints and other communication with this app and Let go is handled with automated responses. If it was a violent crime or something involving a $1000 bucks or higher then you'd have a human.
Also need to be a little less hostile towards this app.Remember, it's free to buy and sell here unless you throw in money for extras. How much staff do you think they can have doing police work?
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How long did it take you to get paid? It has been 2 weeks and no money in my account still even though funds have been released so it says from offer up
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I wish I read this before I sold my kitchenaide. I sold it because I need food I'm a single mother and I sold my stuff the buy liked it and accepted it and I still have no money in my acct. Litterly my kids are starving today and we are just waiting for that money to eat. I won't be using this app again. WHERE IS THE MONEY OFFERUP