Ripped OFF I have submitted help on getting paid its been 11 days and not pay.... for item I sold...

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I’m having the same issue and a offer up rep said that stripe is holding my money for an unknown reason and I have to contact them but they don’t have a number either !!
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I have yet to receive my money I sold the item October 23 it was shipped October 26 it was received October 31 they said they sent the money I spoke with my bank several different times they have not received the funds my account on OfferUp says zero dollars I am owed 161.18. I keep getting the same response wanted to business days my bank transfers funds immediately they never have it in a pending status I have chat logs dating so from the bank that they haven’t received and never hold any pending deposit I keep getting the same generic response from your customer service I would like to file a police report if I do not receive funds this is a scam and my iPad was stolen from you offer up
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Yes honey I think I am 11 days into not getting paid myself I have emailed and text lady named Jocelyn and she keeps telling me the same thing over and over again I have read your terms of service in the way you get paid after shipping that’s not my problem I’ve never had to wait 11 days in the past now all of a sudden I have to wait and I’ve been waiting with no real answer from no one the item number is 760933 so maybe you as a community manager can look into that for me
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@tmohr. Did you get your payment issue worked out? I know it can be frustrating when someone else is holding onto your money and you're not making progress as fast as you'd like. That can make you feel helpless and angry. As for me, I am very pleased that OfferUp up has offered shipping. It puts your items in front of a much larger audience (across the country) and increases your sales. So far, there's been around 10 items that I've sold and shipped via OfferUp and the payment process has begun usually within a day or two after the buyer receives it. I've worked with many other marketplaces and I've had issues with at least half of them. Other than some weirdos, lots of low ballers, one no show, I've had pretty good experiences on here selling and also buying a few items. But as far as using the app and getting paid, I've had no issues and only see improvements with it as time goes on. I hope you got everything worked out and can experience the benefits of using OfferUp.
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@Wctobb Your are totally entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion, Letgo is not better than OfferUp. I've seen some small improvements on this app while Letgo hasn't changed. It takes more time to post on Letgo and has less categories and they also do not offer shipping like OfferUp. Earlier this year I sold more through Letgo, but that quickly changed and I sell more through this app. I buy most of my resold items through here, as well. But, no doubt Letgo is OfferUp's closest competitor. Cross posting is the best way to go to sell your items the fastest. I always create my items on this app first, then copy and then paste them into other marketplaces, because it's easiest to write them in this app.
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I received a message stating that my payment was in my account today . But, upon further review it has not made it there yet? Now I have another issue of sending messages and also when I tap on the receipt to the last sale that was made or actually tap on any sale I get a message that says network error forbidden error code ( 5gg413v4j ) I have no clue as to what I am suppose to do.
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Avoid this. Never deal with anything other than cash and in person transactions. I could not imagine myself shipping an item to a stranger. No way.
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"I could not imagine myself shipping an item to a stranger. No way."

I swear I've read this before in the forums verbatim, is this an alt acc?

Anyways, I wouldn't shy away from shipping it works.

Most of the people getting scammed appear to be using PayPal instead of using the in app payment feature.

And while it does take some time to process payment, another user has said that after a while it gets faster.
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PAYPAL is how I've stopped getting scammed Smiley Wink
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While that may be true as a buyer, it's not as a seller.