Ripped OFF I have submitted help on getting paid its been 11 days and not pay.... for item I sold...

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OFFER@Palm Springs, CA i purchased from thsi guy and was not sent my item  rip off!


I am in the exact same situation you are. Unbelievable!!! I want my money and I want to deactivate my account. This is pathetic!
I sent so many messages you wouldn’t believe it. From every Avenue I could think of....and still NOTHING! Now im just completely pist! Mercari and Poshmark are the only 2 sites that haven’t screwed me over. I started out selling on 5 platforms. So lame! Sorry that it happened to
You too. Offerup you SUCK!
What do you mean it’s a free app??? So is poshmark and Mercari! You all make plenty of money when you get. Selling fee Percentage. Shipping fees are fluffed up so you can make money there as well. That The only reason your in business is To make money. So don’t feed me lies.
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So what do I do. Even my transaction has disappeared and the buyer has not returned my diamond ring. I have tried to connect with offer up but get no response? ?
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Unfortunately I'm having this same exact problemSmiley Sad lost $70. Never using offerup again
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I agree with you. I'm pulling my stuff off as well. THIS IS fraud. I found out that consumer fraud will totally investigate this site if we submit our story. I just did mine. O encourage everyone to contact them online asap.