Ripped OFF I have submitted help on getting paid its been 7 days and not pay.... for item I sold...

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Can anyone help me I have 2 accounts and on 1 of them I can't do anything not even Get my funds deposited into my bank. I spent all days yesterday trying to. Reach help but all they do is tell. Me to. Wait
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Nobody is able to help you directly from this end, only direcy you to support who can look into your situation.


Actually an admin may be able to escalate your case, but if support told you to wait that's all you can really do.

Reply again an explain your situation and make sure to include you have two accounts, perhaps that is causing issues.
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Welcome to the community, @Jeseebear@goblin is correct - you'll want to reach out to our Payments/Shipping team Smiley Happy

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Did you get paid Jes?
I m being asked for my social security numbers so I can receive my deposit. I do not meet the criteria for mandatory social security numbers to be relinquished. I have messaged OfferUp and have received no response at all. Help!
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Hey there, @RexThomas - I'll make sure you get a response from our Shipping team Smiley Happy

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Hello i hope you can help me i sold an item it was never scand by usps but it was deliver tracking number also shows it i have messages offer up about it send pictures as prove that buyer confirm. It was deliver but i havent heard from them i hope you can really help me thanks