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I have an item for sale (a pony saddle) and earlier today I got this offer asking for me to hold the item for $50 more added to the price. I replayed asking for how many days and instantly I got a long paragraph saying that he would send my check and a mover would pick up the item if I would agree with him. I just asked where was he from and no more replays until now. This if my first time selling and new user of the app. Can someone give me an advice? The name of the “person” is Donad Scott, I really think is a spam, could be?
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Yes, this is a common scam.

The check will bounce even after it has been deposited and you will owe the money if you touch it.

Report and block the user with the little flag at the top of his profile.


New seller? Awesome!

Sorry that your experience with the app started out this way.

Don't be discouraged, there are plenty of legit sellers out there and you reporting users like this helps clean up the app.

Be safe, meet during the day time whenever possible.

Accept cash only in a public place.

Talk over condition and final price before meet up so there's no confusion.