Sale automatically canceled after I already shipped

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I previously have sold items with no problems. I recently tried shipping an item witj a customer that agreed for me to ship past the three day due. Three days later I get the notification that there would be an extension in the sale, which was expected. The following day I dropped the item off to USPS. AFTER I dropped off the item, a couple days later I get a notification that the sale has been canceled automatically because I didn't ship it, and that if I did shipping it I would receive my money. I waited a few days after and discovered that the item hasbeen delivered just yesterday, 8/31/19. I have not received my money because of offerup automatically canceling the sale.

ALSO I shipped another item on the same day that I shipped the first one (Tuesday) and a couple days later received the same notification that I got an extension period to ship the item. I already shipped this item and I'm worried it will automatically cancel like my other sale.
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I would say don't deal with anyone who doesn't have a good transaction history.

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That's a bummer. Sorry this happened yo you. For this reason I refuse to ship items. Cash and in person transactions only. Too many weirdos and scammers out there unfortunately
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Hey, I doubt that it was a problem with the buyer as the problem happened two consecutive times. If it was once, maybe, but two times in a row? And it says that the item automatically was cancelled by Offerup on both times, so I just wanted to know where the slip up may have occurred.

So this just happened to me also only I had shipped the item within the three day window. Had it scanned at the PO so that there is record of it. The buyer did not cancel .. it seems that Offer Up did because some how it did not recognize it was shipped even though it shows in the message log that it was. Now I’m without my items and my money. Did you ever get this resolved? It seems to me it’s a glitch with OfferUps shipping system.
Can anyone help me with this?
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I sold an item just like many times before, printed out the slip and mailed it all in the same day. Followed the tracking data and it had been scanned multiple times but still got a message saying I had two days to ship. It arrived there, the buyer told me it had arrived, and OfferUp still canceled it. Even the tracking data said it arrived! And OfferUp has ZERO seller protection or support. None. So we are just out money Everytime this happens because they are going to continue to do nothing but profit off of our sales. After I resolve this MYSELF with the buyer(thank goodness he's honest), I am completely done as a seller on this site. I will not sell on a site so untrustworthy and unwilling to listen to their users and stand idly by while they suffer. We aren't businesses, we don't all have tons of money, each sale is money in our pockets that we use for things, needed things. Yet there is no support, no one to call, just endless "tips" and forums. Useless. Thanks for nothing OfferUp. I recommend no one use this site for anything other than local sales. Switch to a other more trusted site with actual, real support for shipping sales.